Remember teeny small Zora native Disney Channel"s Sonny through a Chance? She was the clever, but super weird So Random! actors member that constantly eavesdropped on her castmates and also popped out and scared them on the regs. She to be pretty hilarious.

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Zora was played by Allisyn Ashley Arm. She was just 13 once the display started ago in 2009. A lot has adjusted since So Random! (which spun off of SWaC) finished in 2012 and you have to view what she looks like currently that she"s 19!

First the all, Allisyn is rocking a brand new pixie cut and it watch amazing.

And she"s keeping herself liven these days. She"s the star the her very own web series about an secret news reporter dubbed Astrid Clover, and it"s supervisor funny! examine out this hilarious music video where she sings around it gift too warm this summer because that a entirely hipster underground reporter.

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And as soon as she"s no filming her net series, she loves hanging out through zoo animals:

And having actually mad respect for cuckoo clocks.

Allisyn"s keeping her love for comedy alive and also well with her web collection — can"t wait to see what"s next for her!

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