expert wrestling has actually long to be a sports that attributes larger-than-life athletes. Because that years, commentators have often made a point to emphasize a performer’s height. This is particularly true for exceptionally tall wrestlers. Heck, one would certainly be hard pressed to uncover one of big Show’s matches were a commentator doesn’t point out the fact that he’s 7-feet tall.

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However, for everything reason, WWE doesn’t seem to put as much emphasis on height when it pertains to their mrs performers. This might leave pan wondering just who room the tallest ladies to ever collection foot in a WWE ring? Here room the answers.

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in ~ 6-foot-2, Nicole Bass has actually the difference of being the tallest female performer in WWE history. Bass had actually a quick stint with the company back in 1999. During her time in WWE, she is arguably finest remembered because that being Sable’s bodyguard at WrestleMania XV. The high powerhouse was additionally featured in a feud with Debra McMichael. Before her WWE run, the former bodybuilder showed up in ECW because that a short time earlier in 1998.

external of wrestling, base was an achieved bodybuilder. She made constant appearances on The Howard Stern Show and also was a member of the radio host’s team known as the Wack Pack. Sadly, bass passed away in 2017 due to a love condition.

Billed in ~ an even 6-feet tall, Nia Jax is tied for the 2nd tallest female wrestler in WWE history. She is a previous WWE raw Women’s Champion that signed with WWE back in 2014. Jax is at this time sidelined due to injury, having actually suffered ACL tears in both of she knees.

Nia Jax is a member that the Anoa’i wrestling family, which functions stars favor Yokozuna, roman inn Reigns, and also Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She is actually The Rock’s 2nd cousin. Front to coming to be a expert wrestler, the 34-year-old superstar previously operated as a plus-size model and played basketball because that Palomar College.

Linda miles (aka Shaniqua) is a surname wrestling pan don’t hear really often this days. The 6-foot tall performer to be the co-winner the the second season of WWE hard Enough (along v Jackie Gayda), i beg your pardon is just how she earned her contract with WWE. She operated for WWE indigenous 2002 to 2004 – as both a wrestler and a manager. She never ever really recorded on as a performer and also is perhaps finest remembered for controlling The Basham Brothers. Miles was eventually released from she contract in at an early stage 2004.

The former challenging Enough winner retired from agree wrestling soon after gift released from WWE. Since that time, the now 40-year-old has functioned as a instead of teacher and a basketball referee.

Standing at 5-foot-11, Kharma is one of the tallest women to work for WWE. Despite she was technically under contract with the firm from 2010 to 2013, she only officially wrestled in one complement – the 2012 imperial Rumble. She to be on pregnant leave for a an excellent portion of her time v the firm and to be granted her relax in 2013.

despite she walk wrestle because that WWE, Kharma had far much more success in TNA Wrestling, both before and also after her time there. In fact, she was a 2-time TNA Knockouts Champion while performing under the ring name Awesome Kong. She freshly made a surprise appearance in ~ AEW’s double or nothing pay-per-view event.

retirement wrestler and valet Stacey Keibler is simply an inch shy of gift 6-feet tall. She first debuted ago in 1999 together a member of a dance troupe recognized as the Nitro girls in WCW. She would certainly go to end up being a valet well-known as miss Hancock and would stay with WCW until they to be bought out by WWE in 2001.

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Keibler would remain with people Wrestling Entertainment for the remainder of her wrestling career regulating acts prefer the Dudley Boyz and also occasionally wrestles – before calling the quits in 2006. Keibler would certainly go to appear on the fact television present Dancing through The Stars and date actor George Clooney.

no to be puzzled with current WWE hall of fame inductee Torrie Wilson, Tori (Terri Poch) was also a mrs wrestler during The perspective Era – and also a tall one at that. When her height was rarely pointed out by commentators, she was in reality billed together being 5-foot-11, make her among the tallest women the agency has ever employed.

She was famously affiliated in a feud through Sable in the so late 90s. Tori was additionally a member of D-Generation X and also Kane’s on-screen girlfriend. The former DX member was released indigenous the firm in 2001. Tori would certainly retire from wrestling shortly after she release and was last checked out running a yoga studio in Portland.

though she often appeared taller, Chyna was billed as being 5-foot-10. She carry out in WWE indigenous 1997 till 2001. Recognized as the “Ninth Wonder the the World,” Chyna made background by coming to be the first (and so far only) mrs to host the Intercontinental Championship. She was likewise the an initial female to enter the men’s royal Rumble Match. The former D-Generation X star additionally holds to win over top male stars favor Kurt Angle, Triple H, and also Jeff Jarett. She would certainly go ~ above to leave the company in 20o1.

Chyna would struggle with personal issues adhering to her departure from WWE, which were chronicled on several various reality shows. She passed away in 2016 and was posthumously inducted right into the WWE room of Fame together a member the DX last April.

among the handful of 5-foot-10 stars round off out our list is none various other than Charlotte Flair. The daughter that the legend “Nature Boy” Ric Flair look at poised to join her father in the WWE hall of Fame. At simply 33 year of age, she is already an eight-time WWE Women’s Champion.

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She ongoing her history-making ways last April by coming to be one the the an initial women to headline WrestleMania – in addition to Ronda Rousey and also Becky Lynch. Prior to coming to be one of pro wrestling’s top stars, Flair was superb volleyball player who excelled at both the high school and also college level.

former Diva find contestant Michelle McCool is 5-foot-10. The Palatka, Florida indigenous signed with WWE back in 2004 and also worked there up until 2011. End the food of her career, she managed to catch a variation of the WWE Women’s Championship top top 4 separate occasions.

Fans will no doubt remember she stint together a member of LayCool along with her former tag team companion Layla. When no longer a full time competitor, McCool still wrestles ~ above occasion and also recently carry out in the 2018 Women’s imperial Rumble match. The semi-retired former champ is likewise married to a really well known expert wrestler, The Undertaker.

ago in 1993, WWE signed 5-foot-10 Alundra Blayze to aid revitalize the women’s division. Throughout her time through the company, she is ideal remembered for her feuds v wrestlers prefer Bull Nakano and Bertha Faye. She was released native the company in 1995, as result of financial difficulties. Following her release, Blayze would authorize with WCW and throw the WWE Women’s Championship in the trash can in what would revolve out to be the most memorable act of she career.

Blayze to be blacklisted from WWE for years complying with the now notorious trash deserve to incident. However, in 2015, WWE made decision to allow bygones be bygones and allowed Blayze to get in the room of Fame.

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