Goddess of: Love and also beautySymbols: Swan, mirror, apple, scallop shellParents: Uranus (or Zeus and Dione)Children: Eros, Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, AeneasSpouse: HephaestusAbode: mount OlympusRoman name: VenusAphrodite is the Greek goddess the love and beauty. She is a member the the Twelve Olympian gods who live on mount Olympus. She is famous for gift the many beautiful that the goddesses. She even won a contest!How was Aphrodite normally pictured?As you might expect, Aphrodite to be usually portrayed as a young beautiful woman by the Greeks. She was often pictured v an apple, scallop shell, dove or swan. Eros, the Greek god that love, was occasionally attending to her in art. Aphrodite speak a paris chariot that was traction by sparrows.

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What distinct powers and an abilities did she have?Like all the Greek Olympic gods, Aphrodite to be immortal and really powerful. Her unique powers were those the love and also desire. She had actually a belt that had the strength to reason others to autumn in love with the wearer. Some of the various other Greek goddesses, such together Hera, would borrow the belt native time come time. Aphrodite had actually the ability to cause fighting couples to fall in love again.
Birth the AphroditeThere space two story in Greek mythology that tell of Aphrodite"s birth. The an initial says that she to be the daughter that Uranus, the Greek god of the sky. She showed up out of the foam of the sea, floating ~ above a scallop covering to the island that Cypress. The second story claims that she was the daughter the Zeus and the Titaness Dione. Dione helps tend to Aphrodite"s wounds in the story that the Trojan War.Marriage come HephaestusBecause many of the gods to be in love with Aphrodite, Zeus to be afraid that a great battle would break out over her. He i ordered it a marriage in between her and the god Hephaestus. In some ways this to be funny come the Greeks together Hephaestus was a lame and also ugly god. Aphrodite wasn"t faithful come Hephaestus, however, and also had affairs with several various other gods (Ares, Poseidon, Hermes, Dionysus) and also mortals (Adonis, Anchises).Winning a beauty ContestWhen the goddess Eris was turned far from a party, she tossed a golden apple amongst the various other goddesses that claimed "To the Fairest" ~ above it. The goddesses Hera, Aphrodite, and also Athena all want the apple. Zeus chose that a mortal named Paris would decide that deserved the apple.The three goddesses saw Paris and also he had to decide who was the many beautiful. All 3 goddesses offered him other if he would made decision them. Hera available him power, Athena readily available him wisdom and also fame, and also Aphrodite available him the love the the most beautiful mortal mrs in the world, Helen. Paris chose Aphrodite. However, as soon as Paris stole Helen from a Greek king and took her to Troy, he started the Trojan War.Trojan WarAphrodite sided with the Trojans in the Trojan War. This was due to the fact that both Paris and her son, the hero Aeneas, to be Trojans. She additionally persuaded the god of war, Ares, to assistance Troy during the war. Aphrodite was very involved in the war, protecting both Paris and also Aeneas during battle. In ~ one point she also gets injured and has to return to Mount Olympus for healing.
Interesting Facts around the Greek Goddess AphroditeThe Greeks would certainly not sacrifice a pig to Aphrodite together one story tells exactly how a wild boar eliminated a mortal she loved called Adonis.She is sometimes referred to as the Lady that Cyprus.When the sculptor Pygmalion fell in love through a statue he had actually carved, Aphrodite granted his wish and also had the sculpture come alive.

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