Celebrities appearing in vehicle commercials is a heritage that is years old. Native Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz arriving to promote Ford in the "50s, come Peter Stormare arriving in Volkswagen commercials and also Matthew McConaughey being the focus of Lincoln ads, castle have become a clip of advertising.

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The 2021 Lexus "The totality Package" commercial is no different in this regard. The commercial bring in one star come tout the architecture of the brand"s IS 350 model, advertising "this is what excellence watch like, people." A second star praises the car"s power and performance with "this is what exhilaration feeling like." The 2 stars drive roughly a city"s downtown as a voiceover declares the the automobile has style and performance "all in one package."

The main question audiences had actually when watching the advertisement was that the two stars were. If not family members names, both performers are recognizable figures from a number of roles in both film and also television. These are the stars who appeared in the 2021 Lexus "The totality Package" commercial.

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The very first person who appears in the ad is Trevor Jackson. Jackson first rose to prestige in the Syfy TV series "Eureka," whereby he play Kevin Blake, the boy of the main character Dr. Allison Blake, in seasons 4 and also 5. Jackson took over the function from Meshach Peters as a an outcome of time travel shenanigans ~ above the show. Jackson additionally appeared in Season 2 of the alphabet anthology series "American Crime," wherein he played Kevin LaCroix, the captain that the basketball team in ~ a private school, and also in the 2018 movie "Superfly." The movie, which to be a remake of the 1972 feature of the very same name, observed Jackson take on the lead role of Youngblood Priest, a medicine kingpin in Atlanta caught in the middle of a gang war as he"s do the efforts to discover a means out that his life the crime.

Jackson"s biggest role to date, however, has been on the Freeform collection "Grown-ish." The show, i m sorry is a spinoff the the ABC series "Black-ish," functions the actor playing Aaron Jackson, a socially mindful student who attends Cal U, the same college together Zoey Johnson, played by Yara Shahidi. Jackson has actually been a key character top top the display for the entirety of the three-season run and also will proceed to it is in in the series" upcoming 4th season.

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The 2nd person viewers view in the Lexus ad is Lovie Simone. Simone"s biggest function to date has been on the OWN collection "Greenleaf," where she played Zora Greenleaf, the teenage daughter that Jacob and also Kerissa Greenleaf, and granddaughter that James and Daisy Mae Greenleaf, the family at the center of the show. After playing a recurring personality in Season 1, Simone ended up being a series regular in Season 2, which is where she remained until the show"s fifth and also last season.

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Simone also rose to prestige in 2020 many thanks to two major film roles. Simone"s first film appearance was in "Selah and also the Spades," wherein she play the titular Selah, head that a faction at a boarding school who operation a clandestine drug operation behind the administration"s back. Simone likewise appeared in "The Craft: Legacy," the remake/sequel to the 1996 film "The Craft," wherein she play Tabby, one-fourth the a quartet that budding witches that go up against a cult trying to steal your powers. Simone was also seen earlier this year in the Netflix fim "Monster."

Both performers space on their way to stardom, and their occupational in this Lexus ad is only additional proof of their talents.