As component of itsfull brand relaunchin phibìc America, Diet Coke is rolling the end a fresh, new marketing project to showcase the brand’s new packaging,modern design and also four bold brand-new flavors.

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The "Because ns Can" campaign, break today, is all about doing the things in life that make you happy, no issue what anyone else thinks. A series of films –including the brand’s very first Big game spot in 21 years –takes a more straightforward and self-aware direction, v the sort of to trust Diet Coke has constantly had.“

Diet Coke is delicious –there’s nothing else really like it. It’s why countless people currently love it. But there room a lot of of people who haven’t tasted it in a while, or ever. Castle don’t also think Diet Coke is for them,” claimed Danielle Henry, group director of integrated marketing content, Coca-Cola north America. “We’ve stripped far the glossy marketing and also we’re just telling civilization how great Diet Coke yes, really is.”

Actress Gillian Jacobs, best known because that her functions in the NBC sitcom “Community” and also the Netflix romantic comedy series “Love,” stars in the campaign’s very first 30-second TV commercial. In the spot, she grabs a Diet Coke indigenous a corner store before walking follow me a sidewalk and offering viewers a straight-into-the-camera invitation to execute what makes them happy.

A suite that 15-second films featuring a diverse actors promotes the four new Diet Coke flavors: Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange and also Twisted Mango.All spots were directed byPaul Feig, recognized for the cult classic TV collection “Freak and Geeks”, and also blockbuster movie “Bridesmaids”, “The Heat”, “Spy,” and also the 2016 “Ghostbusters” re-boot.“

We determined to work with Paul based on his capability to attract out comedic performances the speak to the true individualities of the actors he works with,” stated Henry. “A most improvisation happened on the set, and that’s what you watch in the perfect spots.”

The talent in the campaign were “not selected because that their ability to provide a line on cue,” Henry added. “This is a closely curated cast of recognizable, up-and-coming actors who are beginning to make their mark on society and who reflect the perspective we desire Diet Coke to convey.”

All movies were shot against stripped-down sets and also feature conversational, off-the-cuff dialogue. “We wanted to present a fresh strategy to Diet Coke advertising, while quiet bringing our loyal current fans follow me on the journey,” described Rafael Acevedo, Coca-Cola phibìc America’s team director for Diet Coke.

Outdoor ads —including activation on Coke’s new 3D robotic authorize in brand-new York’s times Square—will promote the newly increased Diet Coke portfolio and also “Because ns Can” message. And sampling in ~ events and also festivals throughout the nation will encourage world to try (or retry) the brand.“

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This Diet Coke is an ext authentic and an ext approachable than ever,” Henry said. “We’re simplifying what we’re all about... A Diet Coke is for anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

Acevedo added, “Diet Coke has constantly been a brand that means confidence, yet how we’re saying it is entirely new. Now, it’s about having the trust to carry out what you desire to do and also drink what you want to drink. Since you can.”