Medical Minute: High-Functioning Sociopaths

Travis Scott ongoing to perform for 40 minutes together concertgoers tragically died during his Astroworld Festival... Read much more »

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Fired Amazon driver confirms woman in earlier of delivery truck was a functioning girl

The fired Amazon driver that was seen in a viral video clip sneaking a woman out of his distribution truck finally describes what happened... Read an ext »

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Travis Scott’s defense guard jabbed in the neck through needle and fell unconscious

The Houston Police room is investigating at least one report the a protection guard in ~ Travis Scott"s Astroworld concert was injected... Read much more »

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Hot or Not? Shomari Francis

Fashion model and also fitness buff Shomari Francis is based in new York City and has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram... Read an ext »

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Lesbian couple killed in mass shooting while running to assist wounded daughter, 19

Family and friends mental Nicole Lovewine, 45, and her partner, 42-year-old Detra Brown in ~ a memorial... Read more »

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Rapper Fetty Wap released On $500K Bond, Feds relax Photos of medicine & $1.5M in Cash

Drug kingpin Fetty Wap to be released on $500,000 secured link on Friday, following his arrest... Read an ext »

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8 dead, 300+ injured after stampede in ~ Travis Scott Astroworld music festival in Houston

At the very least eight civilization died and over 300 were injured throughout a stampede at rapper Travis Scott"s Astroworld Festival... Read more »

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Zonnique speaks on missing mortgage payments, destroying her credit

Zonnique is just like you: she regularly pays her bills so late and virtually ruined her great credit... Read an ext »

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Twitter Roasts Atlanta Braves because that Driving through Parade route at Breakneck Speed

Thousands of loyal Atlanta Braves fans that lined up for hours to clock the Atlanta Braves parade to be outraged once the bus carrying... Read an ext »

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Pfizer says its new Covid pill is more effective through HIV drug

Pfizer states its new Covid-19 pill will reduced the risk of hospitalization or fatality by 89% when taken v a widely used HIV drug... Read an ext »