Is This Time Warner Cable advertisement the Worst ad on TV?

Have you ever before seen a TV advertising so negative it provides you groan out loud — or lunge because that the remote to change the channel?

That’s exactly how I feel every time I check out the “Something Old” commercial indigenous Time Warner Cable.

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TWC is mine cable provider in Cleveland, Ohio and also this spot operation frequently. It’s supposed to be cute and also clever. But this advertisement breaks so plenty of rules of effective advertising ns can’t let the pass any type of longer without comment.

Here’s why ns think “Something Old” is right now the worst ad on television and also a prime instance of what not to carry out in a clever marketing strategy.

The step is a wedding day. Bridesmaids are helping a bride get dressed in a hotel room. They have something borrowed and also something blue, but not miscellaneous old. One excellent bridesmaid spies the DSL modem, rips that from the wall surface (property damage, anyone?), and also hangs it about the bride’s neck – “because seriously, what’s older than DSL Internet?”

Suddenly, invoice Cowher, former head coach the the Pittsburgh Steelers and TWC’s spokesman, walks with the door (which has been left open, for some inexplicable reason). He must be a wedding guest, because he’s holding a covering gift. However he’s also wearing a track jacket and ball cap, which isn’t precisely wedding attire. And he has a coach’s headset around his neck – possibly to speak to the wedding pat by play?

Coach Cowher proceeds come tell the bride and her friends that they don’t have to settle for poor Internet service: TWC supplies high-speed accessibility and it’s no a advancement price. The bridal party is delighted and the bride delivers the final line: “I’ve been wait for now my entirety life!”


What’s wrong through this spot? Where perform I start?

The spokesman’s appearance is false, forced, and also a small creepy. Even if he’s a well known former NFL coach, what’s invoice Cowher act lurking roughly the hotel room where the bride’s acquiring dressed? and also why is he sharing advice with the bride about how to gain fast, economically Internet service when she’s around to walk under the aisle and also is perhaps focused on various other things – like probably the wedding ceremony?The “humor” is therefore awkward the painful. The bride’s heat at the finish – the punchline that the creative “joke” – is so very corny, you want to slap her.In an even longer version that I’ve had actually the misfortune to check out a couple of times, during the “something old” find at the beginning, the bride’s mommy offers the it’s not as well late because that the bride to wear Mom’s dress. In a median touch, mommy is entirely brushed off and also dissed again at the end. Who cares what mother thinks? she obviously a whiner.The product is missing. You never see any demonstration that the accused speedy TWC net service.When the advertisement ends, you don’t really remember the product and you certainly don’t psychic the offer – you remember Coach Cowher, the stunner bride, and also how annoying this advertising was.

The real problem with Time Warner Cable’s marketing campaign is the the company has no idea what to do with that is celebrity spokesperson, for this reason the an innovative team battles to come increase with methods to incorporate him into places where he doesn’t belong. In every advertisement I’ve seen featuring Coach Cowher, including the bridal ad, he reflects up in a weird way in a weird place and also tries to start a conversation about TWC that’s totally irrelevant to the situation at hand. Inspect out this spot wherein he procedures out the the shadows right into the kitchen that the Miller household at 4:30 a.m. On black color Friday – why exactly?

Three Takeaways for clever Marketers

As a marketing strategist, ns can’t was standing to check out marketers waste valuable marketing resources on poorly conceived campaigns.

Here space some means to perform a better job on your marketing strategy than Time Warner Cable did:

If you’re utilizing a spokesperson in your marketing campaign, create scenarios whereby he can genuinely appear or be supposed to offer a pertinent comment concerned the purchase decision. Just getting here – apropos of nothing – confuses and distracts the viewer.Don’t forget that the main reason you’re doing proclaiming is to market a product. If the an innovative concept falls short to make you remember the specific product gift promoted, it no work.

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Do you agree with me about the Time Warner Cable ad? deserve to you surname an ad that’s worse 보다 this one?

Editor’s note: This blog short article has really struck a nerve: virtually 7,000 people have read it and dozens have actually commented. Plenty of found the blog by looking Google on terms like “creepy male in TWC commercial.” read this follow-up blog post about the reaction to my evaluate of Time Warner’s advertisement campaign.

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