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Grayson was very important to Maniac, because he was prefer family.

Grayson uncovered Maniac as soon as he to be at a low point. Maniac had run away again, this time native the Beales. He loved the Beales prefer family, but they were black and he to be white. The made world uncomfortable for...

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Grayson was very important to Maniac, due to the fact that he was prefer family.

Grayson found Maniac as soon as he was at a short point. Maniac had actually run far again, this time from the Beales. He love the Beales prefer family, however they were black and also he was white. That made human being uncomfortable for him to it is in living v them. Maniac left to safeguard them.

Maniac ended up at the buffalo pen, and that is whereby Grayson uncovered him. Grayson was the groundskeeper in ~ the zoo. He was an old male who was very kind to Maniac. He instantly took that home, cleaned the up, fed him, and bought him brand-new clothes.

At this point, Maniac want a family and also a location to belong an ext than ever. Grayson provided that because that him. The did not urge that Maniac walk to school, since Maniac said he would certainly run away. He did as lot as he could for Maniac.

From then on Maniac to be on the task with Grayson every afternoon. They raised fences, mended fences, hauled stone, job asphalt, painted, trimmed trees. Castle ate breakfast, lunch, and also dinner together, periodically in the tools room, periodically at a restaurant. They spent weekends together. (Ch. 25)

Maniac taught Grayson come read, and the old man provided Maniac a home. As soon as Grayson died, it was a destructive loss for Maniac again. He had actually lost his parents and the Beales, and also now he shed his recent family. Even though Grayson was old, lunatic was not expecting his death. The left him with no location to go, when again.

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Maniac drifted indigenous hour to hour, day to day, alone with his memories, a stunned and solitary wanderer. That ate only to store from starving, warmed his human body only sufficient to keep it from freeze to death, ran only due to the fact that there to be no factor to stop. (Ch. 33)

Eventually, Maniac returned to the Beales. They were his true family. The belonged over there regardless the race. Through the Beales, he could be “nothing however Jeffrey.” Maniac missed Grayson terribly, however was happy to have a normal home again.