George Eads is a effective American actor, that is best known because that his duty as a las Vegas forensic scientist Nick Stokes top top the CBS police drama Crime step Investigation (CSI).

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The TV collection has to be pretty renowned in the united States and beyond the country, and surely pan knew this charismatic heartthrob indigenous the an extremely beginning.

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Aside from his exhilaration career, the Hollywood hunk to be a proud husband. The met his beautiful mam Monika Casey in 2004 and the pair got engaged almost six years later.

The pair first met each various other on the set of Evel Knievel after George damaged his thumb and also Monika came to the rescue.

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George Eads to be head end heels in love through his sweetheart and also was enthusiastic after proposing come her. Earlier in November 2009, the gibbs said:

I acquired engaged, actually, to a really nice girl. She really was mine champion and helped me get through that.

It is thought the couple was not only romantic lovers yet "best buds" i m sorry are partnership goals. On respectable 4, 2011, the two tied the knot and three years later, George and also Monika ended up being parents — they welcomed daughter Dylan.

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Unfortunately, something walk wrong and also the happiest couple turned come the unhappy one. In 2015, George Eads and Monika Casey filed because that the divorce and happened to it is in in a harsh custody battle over your daughter. According to Daily Mail, George asked because that joint physical and also legal custody, conversely, Monika — wanted the single custody of your kid.

The couple has currently gone v a divorce, and also they decided to stay friends because that the benefits of your daughter Dylan.

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George Eads adores his four-year-old daughter and also reportedly battered the show MacGyver to spend an ext time through his infant girl.