When you hear the Damian Marley, what pertains to your mind? Is he concerned Bob Marley? is the from Jamaica, does he sing reggae music?, all your question will be answered in this Damian Marley’s wiki.

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Damian Robert Nesta “Jr. Gong” Marley popularly well-known as Damian Marley is a Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter born top top July 21 1978.

Damian is a flexible artist. Aside gift a singer and also songwriter, he is also a rapper and also music producer.

He was born and also raised in Kingston, Jamaica where his environment had shaped his music lifestyle.

He is the youngest son of the legend Jamaican reggae singer, Bob Marley.

Damian was born out of wedlock and outside that Bob’s marital relationship to singer Rita Marley. That is the just son born to Marley and also Cindy Breakspeare, Miss people 1976.

He to be barely two years old when his dad died. He has actually other siblings which include; Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Julian Marley, logo Marley, Cedella Marley

His father, Bob Marley had actually two brothers; Richard Booker, Anthony Booker and also two sisters; Constance Marley, Pearl Livingston.

According to Bob Marley official website, he had 11 children: four with his mam Rita Anderson, two adopted from Rita’s previous relationships, and also several others with various women.

Damian Marley that is well-known by his significant dreadlocks has accomplished a lot of in his music career yet he never deviate native his father’s heritage by adopting the Rastafarian faith.


He has actually featured several peak artistes across the world including his current one through the Nigerian afrobeat and reggae sensation, Burna Boy’s single “Different” turn off “African Giant” album.


Damian Marley started singing a a an extremely tender age with musical affect from his father.

He released his an initial album grandfather Marley in 1996, his second album “Half means Tree” in 2001 and the third album “Welcome to Jamrock” in 2005.


His 2012 collaboration with EDM producer Skrillex top top “Make the Bun Dem” was a major hit throughout the globe and his struggle “Welcome come Jamrock” was well received.

He later dropped a fourth studio album called “Stony Hill”.

Damian Marley Songs

PatienceSpeak LifeThere for YouAll NightAffairs of the HeartWelcome to JamrockIt was WrittenMedicationLove through A QualityRoad to ZionBeautifulPimpa’s ParadiseKhaki SuitAs we EnterHey GirlFriendsR.O.A.RMe surname Jr. GongConfrontationFor The BabiesLooks space DeceivingSlave Mill

Personal Life

Damian Marley has actually kept his exclusive life secretive. He never ever revealed anything about his wife or girlfriend.

There to be a rumor that Damian had actually a romantic relationship with Lisa Bonet yet its not known if they are still together. Not informing things around himself doesn’t hide the fact that he has actually two sons, Elijah and Christian Marley.

Top 5 estimates From Damian Marley

The victory’s found in truth, favor innocence uncovered in youth self bdefeat is your very own dispute”.

We take because that granted electricity, water, even concerts, Count your blessings”.

My Father has been a voice of encouragement in times of desperation because that so numerous people. But he passed away when i was for this reason young that, because that me, his music has actually been a means for me to gain to recognize him better”.

Fear not of evil.. Day-to-day dem meat it prosper old transforms of the moment take the toll”.

“Did you recognize the pen is more powerful than the knife: they have the right to kill friend once but they can’t death you twice”.


Damian Marley won best Reggae Album and also Best Urban/Alternative power for “Welcome come Jamrock”.

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He winner the finest Reggae Album because that “Stony Hill” in ~ the Grammy award

Net Worth

Damian Marley is among the most significant Jamaican reggae singer v an approximated net worth of $20 million.