When one days or marries a celebrity, they space bound come bedearteassociazione.orge well known too. This to be the situation with Michael Galeotti. Even though he had actually some history in music, he increased to fame through his ex-wife, Bethany pleasure Lenz. She is a well known film and also TV actress and also singer. She is recognized for starring as Haley James Scott in One Tree Hill.

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Michael Galeotti's bio

He was born in lengthy Island, new York, the joined States, top top 28th respectable 1984. He was 31 years old once he met his untimely death. Details around his at an early stage life remain unknown. Thus, there is small information about the name of his parents, siblings, and also educational background.


Michael Galeotti and also Bethany happiness Lenz posing for the camera. Photo:

Michael started his career in 2004 by developing a music band of four members, namely, Michael Galeotti, Amber Sweeney, Jonathan Jackson, and also Richard Lee. The band was given the surname Enation. Later, they added Daniel Sweatt to the band as a bassist. Unfortunately, Amber left the team in 2005.

The tape stayed undamaged for 7 years, native 2004 come 2011. Throughout this period, lock released numerous albums and also songs. In 2008, castle released one of the most successful albums titled human being in Flight. The album had actually several songs the went viral.


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For instance, the jam, feeling This, was used during the fifth season finale of the One Tree Hill TV show. Bethany's wife detailed the vocals that this track. In addition, Michael and the whole band do an appearance on this TV show. In 2011, the team released an additional album, My ancient Rebellion, after which he determined to quit the band.

Bethany delight Lenz ex-husband life, marriage, and also divorce

Who is Bethany pleasure Lenz ex-husband? she ex-husband was Michael Galeotti. The duo started dating in 2005, ~ which castle tied the knot after date for much less than a month. Bethany and also Michael exchanged your wedding vows on 31st December 2005 in a colourful awareness in Hillsboro, Oregon.

After being happily married for 6 years, the couple weldearteassociazione.orged their very first daughter, Maria climbed Galeotti. Michael Galeotti's daughter to be born on 23rd February 2011. Unfortunately, the union started acquiring messy, thus ending the marital relationship in march 2012. However, they agreed come share custody of their daughter and also raise her v the love she deserves.


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Who is Bethany joy Lenz married to? She is married come Josh Kelly. After two heartbreaks, Bethany started concentration on elevating her lovely daughter Maria. However, quickly enough, one more love came knocking on she door; mockery Kelly, the unreal alum. The 2 are now happily married.

Bethany joy Lenz and also Maria increased walking ~ above the streets. Photo:

Net worth

It is approximated that Michael Galeotti's network worth was $6 million at the moment of his death. He had actually made together a enormous sum the money from his effective career in the music industry. But, unfortunately, he yielded young before fully rising come fame regardless of his talents.

Michael Galeotti's death

Michael Galeotti had actually been battling high cholesterol and hypertension ~ divorcing Bethany Lenz. That had likewise been previously admitted come the hospital v stomach problems. He passed far on 11th January 2016.

Michael Galeotti fast facts

Who is Michael Galeotti? He to be an American expert musician and band member.How old to be Michael Galeotti once he pass away? he passed away in 2016 in ~ the age of 31.Who is Bethany delight Lenz married to? He was married to Bethany Lenz even though the union ended in divorce.Who is Bethany pleasure Lenz ex-husband? her ex-husband is the late Michael Galeotti. The duo bound the node on 31st December 2005.What to be the surname of Michael Galeotti's band? He to be a member that the Enation music band.How lot was Michael Galeotti's network worth? At the moment of his demise, he had an approximated net precious of $ 6 million.Who is Michael Galeotti's daughter? her daughter is Maria rose Galeotti.

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Long after ~ his death, Michael Galeotti stays a well-regarded number in the music industry. Luckily, every is not shed as his daughter followed in his footsteps in the music sector.

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