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Ellen Young met Angus Young with Adrian Vandenberg. Photo Source: social Media.

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While speak on the White Line heat podcast in 2018, Vandenberg opened up up about introducing the AC/DC guitarist Angus Young to Ellen Young. He stated that Angus Young’s wife, Ellen to be his friend. Castle knew every other once Vandenberg was examining at a university in the dutch City the Arnhem. He and Ellen often saw each other in bars and rock shows.

Vandenberg continued saying the he had a rock band together called TEASER, and also they had an album. He and his band were invite to aid AC/DC ~ above a couple of shows. Among his mirrors was close to the city he was studying in and also where Mrs. Young also lived. So, she requested him to placed her ~ above the guest list, and also it worked. A pair of main later, Ellen dubbed Adrian and also told him the she was through Angus Young. Angus and Ellen married part years after they met in 1980.

Loves Ordering she Husband

It has actually been over 4 decades because Ellen Young married she better-half, Angus Young. But the love between them is as solid as it was in the beginning. And, the reason behind their long-lasting relationship is undoubtedly their understanding and care for one another. Both of them instruct each other whenever needed and obeys too. Angus Young’s better-half, Ellen, loves ordering her husband anytime she feels he needs her directions.

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Some year ago, among the Guardian magazine’s journalists asked because that a snap with Angus and his other band members. As the tape members that AC/DC, including Angus, are pretty short, Ellen came to be cautious regarding her husband’s figure in the photo. So, she ordered Angus to was standing on the chair as she feel he would certainly look stupid otherwise. Angus obeyed she instructions without any type of comments and also stood ~ above a chair, appearing taller 보다 his actual elevation of 5ft 2 inches.

It reflects that Angus obeys nearly every instruction of his wife. And, us hope the very same commitment and also loyalty is in Ellen together well. We wish the pair all the best for their upcoming years, and may their togetherness remain solid till your last.

Co-owns houses In various Parts that The World

Angus and his wife, Ellen Young, own residences in 3 countries, Australia, Netherlands, and the joined Kingdom. They have actually an impressive home at Kangaroo Point, brand-new South Wales, whereby they right now reside.

Similarly, Angus and also Ellen have a home in the Dutch town of Aalten, Netherlands, whereby Ellen thrived up. They built their mock chateau in Aalten a te ago. Likewise, the happy married couple, who have no children, have actually a residence in the UK wherein they frequently visit throughout their spare time indigenous work.

Furthermore, like Angus, his lovely wife, Ellen Young, likewise seems to like to save her personal and expert life much from the media scrutiny. Together a result, what she does for a living at the moment is not easily accessible to the public. We hope Angus Young will certainly soon expose some of she details so that his fans can know she better. For now, Angus Young’s wife, Ellen Young, stays a blissful life far from unnecessary media drama.

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