AJ Lee debuted top top the key roster the WWE a year and also a fifty percent ago and has had multiple romantic relationships with various WWE superstar whilst coming to be the most renowned diva.

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As we divulge into AJ’s miscellaneous relationships in WWE, us will discuss the affect it had on his or her career and the entertainment value WWE fans obtained as a an outcome of the relationship.

Prior come the promotion to the key roster, AJ Lee invested time ~ above the 3rd season that NXT as a rookie. Relationships during this time space valid and also debated.

Let’s take it a look in ~ AJ Lee’s six different romantic relationship in WWE.

6. Hornswoggle
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Unfortunately, whenever Hornswoggle is involved, human being will it is in disappointed.

This to be the situation when WWE made decision to put AJ Lee in a romantic partnership with the little leprechaun ~ above NXT.

This relationship influenced both careers an extremely minimally. The previous version of NXT was only helpful for a couple of individuals (Wade Barrett and also Season 1 participants in particular).

Hornswoggle’s career deserve to only go so far. His greatest moment will constantly be looked as being the final WWE Cruiserweight Champion. AJ’s career still had not taken off at this point.

AJ Lee’s partnership with Hornswoggle was anything but entertaining. The was not humorous, interesting or an important for anyone in WWE. It was borderline disgusting.

5. Primo
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Hornswoggle was not AJ’s only romantic relationship during her time top top NXT.

In fact, once AJ an initial joined NXT, her pro was none various other than Primo.

I deserve to understand why WWE made decision to perform this. However, Primo has actually never been much more than a mid-carder and also now sign team specialist. AJ Lee looked phenomenal together usual, however not on life or SmackDown yet.

AJ Lee and Primo were somewhat entertaining during their relationship.

I i will not ~ necessarily speak they to be funny or exciting, yet certainly an exciting pair.

AJ to be then eliminated, however returned throughout the season finale in six-woman tag enhance involving the Bella pair teaming with her versus Alicia Fox, Aksana and Maxine. As such, not all relationships are meant to be.

4. Man Cena
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Although the relationship between John Cena and also AJ Lee seems to it is in just obtaining started, let’s divulge right into the influence and entertainment worth of the pair.

Both Cena and also Lee need to be thought about top color etc in the WWE appropriate now. No necessarily requirements it to enhance their career, but it certainly does not hurt it.

Whether the partnership storyline is as result of John Cena’s current divorce is anyone’s guess, however it provides sense because that WWE to take advantage.

While there may be folks who dislike the storyline because it doesn’t have actually much to do with wrestling, i don’t want to check out John Cena as WWE Champion best now. Is the john Cena-AJ Lee partnership entertaining?

This component is still an extremely much to it is in determined, however if it helps AJ and also Dolph Ziggler’s careers, then why not?

3. Kane
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Kane’s partnership with AJ Lee was in the center of a weird love rectangle entailing CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as well.

Kane definitely doesn’t require to aid his job at this point, however the relationship did store Kane’s personality fresh and relevant.

AJ likewise benefited native this partnership with her entertaining backstage segments with Kane and also her dressing up together Kane together well.

It was additionally quite entertain to watch Kane in this type of situation.

We have actually seen Kane date divas such as Lita in 2004. However, he play a much less evil character who at times proved love. Kane was distracted by AJ during the No way Out triple threat match for the WWE Championship.

AJ appeared to simply be utilizing Kane and didn’t check out him as a permanent boyfriend unequal the remaining two ~ above this list.

2. Cm Punk
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AJ Lee invested a most time pursuing and showing interest in WWE Champion centimeter Punk.

We even got the “I destruction crazy chicks” catchphrase on a T-shirt.

It seemed prefer WWE might have done a lot an ext with Punk and AJ. Just prior to his current heel turn, cm Punk had mixed feelings about AJ. It was throughout this relationship, official or not, the AJ to be the last person standing together Raw finished on July 2 of this year.

When to be the last time a diva was the left standing in ~ the conclusion the Raw?

While Punk and AJ to be a great pair and it aided both become much more popular, Punk ultimately turned heel and also became an adversary of the future, however no longer, Raw basic manager AJ Lee.

1. Daniel Bryan
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In November 2011, AJ Lee began dating Daniel Bryan.

Mr. Money in the financial institution at the moment eventually became World Heavyweight Champion and also a heel. This resulted in a many of negative treatment of AJ by Bryan.

Both AJ and also Daniel Bryan’s careers really took off during this relationship. In fact, it was the distraction and kiss with AJ that expense Bryan his world Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania in simply 18 seconds.

Daniel Bryan started his development of becoming more entertaining and funny as among the most popular superstars since of his partnership with AJ Lee. AJ’s time top top WWE TV has grown rapidly, starting with she interactions with Daniel Bryan till AJ started searching for a new boyfriend.

However, let’s no forget the Bryan and also AJ practically got married prior to she became Raw general manager. Your wedding was a featured component of the monumental Raw 1000 episode.

7 that 7

Despite having dated as plenty of as six different WWE superstars on screen, AJ Lee’s career has actually improved dramatically and she is plainly a top attract for a reason. Her an excellent looks, fantastic wrestling an abilities and personality reason WWE to look for she to be involved in key storylines.

AJ Lee’s best way to be connected in the key storylines is by gift in a partnership with a height superstar. Thus why she relationships v Hornswoggle and also Primo had actually absolutely no chance. Her partnership with Kane was supplied as a scapegoat.

Both her relationships with Bryan and Punk to be enjoyable, however I would have preferred to check out her v Punk a bit longer.

Which relationship carry out you think was most impactful and also entertaining? i m sorry one to be the worst?

It’s to be me. It’s been me. It’s to be the G-U-DOUBLE T!

Seth Guttenplan is a teacher through day, writer by night. To read more from Seth, monitor him top top Twitter (
sethgutt) and also visit http://guttwrenchpowerblog.com.

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