Season 14 that The Voice is here, and also it’s walking to be a season filled with energy and tough competition — thanks to the enhancement of Kelly Clarkson, who joins returning judges Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. Each of them has won at least one season, and they aren’t letting Clarkson forget it. She’s acquisition the ribbing in stride, though. She has actually a trick up she sleeve: win Season 1 the American Idol. Clarkson to know what it’s like to it is in a contestant.

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To celebrate the return the NBC’s singing competition show, acquired the inside scoop ~ above what wake up behind the scene from executive, management producer Audrey Morrissey. She answer our burning questions around the judge that maintains the most organization relationships with the contestants to exactly how Carson Daly manages a bicoastal schedule.

It’s every question you ever wanted answered about The Voice, and it’s just in time for the show’s very first episode that Season 14.

1. Recruiting talent

Even though The Voice doesn’t wait the early audition rounds, Morrissey claimed the audition procedure is quite extensive.

“We scour the nation visiting about six come eight cities double a year for our auditions and hold both open up call and also appointment auditions,” she explained.

2. Audition rounds take virtually a week

Morrissey told that the judges will listen to auditions “for five or six days with approximately 18 come 20 auditions per day.” However, the contestants do obtain a bit of a warm-up before they tape their audition.

She explained, “Artists room with united state for number of days prior to come rehearse with our band, occupational with wardrobe/styling and also camera block ~ above the audition stage.”

3. Wardrobe

Contestants need to supply your own garments for the remote auditions, however things gain a little easier when they space attached to a team.

Morrissey shared, “We shop because that each artist to come increase with good looks. As soon as we gain to the live shows, looks space customized for each specific performance.”

4. Those red chairs

Some minor adjustments were made to the top red chairs a few seasons ago, however this season bring some huge changes.

The judges’ chairs have actually been totally redesigned to encompass three block buttons, in addition to the red switch that transforms the chair around. The block attribute will enable a referee to block another judge from choose a contestant for their team during the remote Auditions. This move can only it is in made when by each judge throughout this round.

5. Communication is key

The contestants and their coaches are allowed to connect off-camera — however how regularly that happens is up to each coach.

“Each coach has actually their own format — some are avid texters while others email. All off-camera interaction intensify as the artists move through the competition and the stakes acquire higher,” Morrissey shared. “The No. 1 interaction is about song choice.”

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6. Prepping for battle

The contestants take it much much longer to prepare for the battle rounds than the really taping takes. It’s a lot of buildup because that a ring that could end a contestant’s Voice run before it really gets started.

“For battles, the coaching sessions take ar over 4 days and also the actual fight performances take 2 days,” explained Morrissey.

7. Hands-on or hands-off?

Image: NBC

Daly is a busy man when The Voice is in production since he additionally has his Today Show duties to tend to. Morrissey explained that during the prerecorded sections of the season, it’s basic to occupational out his schedule. However, it it s okay a bit trickier once they relocate to the live shows later in the season.

“For the live shows, Carson go fly ago and forth each week, security Monday and also Tuesday with us in LA and the remainder of the week back in new York with the Today Show,” she said.

10. Blake Shelton has a reputation

Shelton has a good reputation for complying with up with contestants after ~ the cameras prevent rolling. He’s been rumored to continue his mentorship, to make a phone call or market advice when the singers are out there in the real world. Morrissey didn’t check that rumor, yet she did to speak he build a solid relationship with his team members.

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“That bond that Blake has with his artist — it’s a part of what keeps lock coming back to the show, ” she said. “It’s no surprising to hear.”

Season 14 the The Voice kicks turn off on Monday at 8/7c ~ above NBC. Don’t miss all of the activity with Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys.