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Lina Mayfleet

A twelve-year-old orphan that is living v her grandmother and younger sister and who is one of the an initial to find a way out the the city.

Doon Harrow

A twelve-year-old that insists the city is in danger and that something needs to be done about it, he is among the first to discover a means out of the city.

Poppy Mayfleet

Lina"s infant sister.


The keeper of the greenhouses.


Lina"s grandmother.

Mayor Cole

The leader the Ember, the has become corrupted by greed.

Mrs. Murdo

The woman who lives close to Lina"s family and who bring away Poppy and Lina in once their grandm dies.


A girl in Lina"s class, she is assigned come the supply depot together her job.

Looper Windly

The man who own a store and also who is stealing items for himself.

Mr. Harrow

Doon"s father, he operation a shop...

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