"The small Drummer Boy" (originally known as "Carol that the Drum") is a renowned Christmas carol composed by the American classic music composer Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. An initial recorded in 1951 by the Trapp family members Singers, the song was popularized by a 1958 recording by the harry Simeone Chorale; the Simeone version was re-released properly for numerous years and the song has actually been recorded plenty of times since.In the lyrics, the singer describes how, as a bad young boy, he to be summoned through the Magi come the Nativity of Jesus. There is no a gift because that the child Christ, the little drummer boy played his drum v Jesus’ mother, Mary’s favor; saying, “I played my best for him” and also "He smiled at me."

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"The little Drummer Boy" Lyrics

Come her told mePa rum pum pum-pumA newborn King to seePa rum pum pum-pum

Our finest gifts we bringPa rum pum pum-pumTo lay before the kingPa rum pum pum-pumRum pum pum-pum Rum pum pum-pum

So to respect HimPa rum pum pum-pumWhen us come

Little babyPa rum pum pum-pumI to be a poor boy tooPa rum pum pum-pum

I have no gift to bringPa rum pum pum-pumThat's to the right to give our KingPa rum pum pum-pumRum pum pum-pum Rum pum pum-pum

Shall i play because that youPa rum pum pum-pumOn mine drum

Mary noddedPa rum pum pum-pumThe ox and also lamb kept timePa rum pum pum-pum

I played my drum for HimPa rum pum pum-pumI played my ideal for HimPa rum pum pum-pumRum pum pum-pum Rum pum pum-pum

Then he smiled in ~ mePa rum pum pum-pumMe and my drum

The Story Behind The small Drummer Boy

According come Wikipedia, this carolwas originally named "Carol of the Drum" and was released by Davis based upon a classic Czech song. Davis's interest was in developing material for amateur and also girls' choirs.Her manuscript is collection as a chorale, in which the song is in the soprano melody with alto harmony, tenor and also bass parts developing the "drum rhythm" and also a key-board accompaniment "for rehearsal only". The is top "Czech Carol easily transcribed by K.K.D.", this initials thenreplaced v "C.R.W.

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Robinson", a surname under i beg your pardon Davis occasionally published.The Czech initial of the carol has never been known.

Bible motivation of "The little Drummer Boy"

"But Jesus said, “Let the tiny children involved me and also do not hinder them, because that to together belongs the kingdom that heaven.” ~Matthew 19:14

"And going right into the house they observed the child with mar his mother, and they dropped down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and also frankincense and myrrh." ~Matthew 2:11

"Praise the LORD! worship God in his sanctuary; prayer him in his mighty heavens!Praise him for his mighty deeds; prayer him follow to his terrific greatness!Praise him v trumpet sound; praise him through lute and also harp!Praise him v tambourine and also dance; worship him with strings and also pipe! praise him v sounding cymbals; prayer him through loud clashing cymbals!Let every little thing that has actually breath prayer the LORD! praise the LORD!" ~ Psalm 150

Our favorite Performance the "The little Drummer Boy"

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