White Tigers are additionally known as white Bengal tigers. They are not albino nor a sub-species of tiger but actually are Bengal tigers via a genetic defect that expresses a various color.

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White Tigers are also known as white Bengal tigers. They are not albino nor a sub-species of tiger however actually are Bengal tigers via a hereditary defect that expresses a various shade. White tigers absence the pigment dubbed pheomelanin, which is discovered in Bengal tigers with ovariety fur.

They are also dubbed bleached tigers because of their lighter appearance that provides them stand out from their rust-colored peers.

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Key Facts & Information

White Tigers Facts

KINGDOM: Animalia PHYLUM: Chordata CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Carnivora FAMILY: Felidae GENUS: Panthera White tigers are scientifically well-known as Panthera tigris tigris, born bereason of a rare hereditary mutation. A white tiger deserve to just be achieved if 2 Bengal tigers carry the recessive gene for white coloring. White tigers are a result of inbreeding, particularly in between a male tiger and also his offspring. As an outcome of inbreeding, many kind of white tigers endure from wellness and hereditary troubles such as Dvery own syndrome, cleft palates, scoliosis, psychological impairment and crossed eyes.


White tigers are exceptionally renowned in bondage and also entertainment bereason of their distinctive shade. Like their rust-colored counterparts, a white tiger’s black stripes are favor fingerprints, through no two tigers having the exact same pattern. Tigers have actually striped skin not simply striped fur. If an individual were to be shaved, its distinctive coat pattern would certainly still be visible. A white tiger would have a hard time making it through in the wild because it wouldn’t be also camouflaged as a common Bengal tiger. Contrasted to the widespread Bengal tiger, white tigers flourish much faster and are heavier at birth and in adulthood. An adult white tiger can weigh as much as 300 kilograms and they deserve to prosper up to 3 meters in size. Female white tigers are smaller sized, averaging about 200 kilograms and also its head to tail length is as much as 2.6 meters. White tigers are even more muscular, stronger and a lot even more aggressive compared to the normal ovariety Bengal tiger. The white tiger’s face is comparable in form to that of various other Bengal tigers. They are just different in the shade of their fur. White tigers have sapphire blue eyes rather than the green or yellow-colored eyes of normal Bengal tigers, which renders them look exotic. Their nose is rose-pink and also they also have actually pink paw pads. The average white tiger sleeps between 16 to 18 hrs per day. White tigers are not only exceptionally quick and also agile yet they are likewise incredibly capable swimmers, permitting them to breach borders such as rivers and moats. Although the white tiger is a good swimmer, it’s a really poor climber.


Male and also female white tigers are attracted to one one more by their roars and also scent marks. A white tigress’ age of sexual maturity is roughly 3 to 4 years. A tigress’ geterminal period lasts for roughly 3 and a fifty percent months and she gives birth to as much as 5 cubs. The cubs then suckle on milk for two months prior to weaning. The cubs accompany their mother until they begin to hunt for themselves at around 18 months of age. They continue to be through their mother till they reach between two and also 3 years old before founding their own life of solitude. White tigers occupy a region that is marked by urine and clegislation marks on trees, and can be approximately 75 square miles in dimension. They don’t allow any various other tigers to enter it. A white tiger’s average lifeexpectancy in bondage is in between 12 and two decades.


Like the common Bengal tiger, the white tiger is a carnivorous hunter. They rest throughout the day and do the majority of their hunting and feeding at night. They have actually keen eyesight and incredible hearing that helps them stalk their prey in the dark. Regardless of the beauty of the white tiger’s fur, their white-and-black coloring prevents them from camouflaging themselves while searching. This is why they’re exceptionally rare in the wild. White tigers are an apex predator. Those that endure in the wild primarily hunt large and herbivorous pets choose wild boar, livestock, goats and deer. They can eat as much as 40 pounds (18 kg) of meat at a time and also will hunt aget a couple of days after feasting. They ambush their prey and also assault them by surpclimb. Captive white tigers have actually a diet of chicken, steed meat or kangaroo meat. White tigers usage their weight to knock their prey dvery own and also then bite its neck to kill it. They are very fast, via a peak rate of 96 km/h (60mph). Their formidable and retractable clegislations play an important function in capturing and also holding on to prey.


As white tigers are mainly a product of captive breeding, it’s exceptionally rare to view one in the wild. Were one to survive in the wild it would certainly inhalittle bit the very same habitat as Bengal tigers such as Asian and Indian subcontinent tropical jungles, mangrove swamps and also lush grasslands. There are no well-known white tigers in the wild. The entire white tiger population is in bondage, primarily in zoos, circsupplies, rescue sanctuaries and also various other areas wright here pets are put on display screen. White tigers have no herbal predators. However, the Internationwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) provided the Bengal tiger as intimidated. Humans are the biggest danger to Bengal tigers. Trophy searching, conventional medicine, the exotic pet profession and habitat damage are causing their numbers to decline considerably.

White Tigers Worksheets

This is a great bundle which includes every little thing you should recognize around White Tigers across 26 thorough pperiods. These are ready-to-usage White Tigers worksheets that are perfect for teaching students around the White Tigers which are also recognized as white Bengal tigers. They are not albino nor a sub-species of tiger however actually are Bengal tigers via a genetic defect that expresses a various shade. White tigers absence the pigment referred to as pheomelanin, which is discovered in Bengal tigers through oselection hair.