The three Constitutional requirements for U.S. President are you have to be a natural-born citizens of the United states (citizen through birth), no an immigrant. You must be at least 35 years old. You must have been a resides of the United claims for at the very least 14 years.

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What is an "unwritten" necessity for President? What space at least 5 "unwritten" requirements? (Be able to recognize any of the ten we provided in class).
An "unwritten" necessity is not stated in the Constitution. Castle are attributes shared by countless of our previous Presidents. In ~ least 5 "unwritten" demands are numerous Presidents are older, many Presidents are married, countless Presidents have military experience, many Presidents space college graduates, and also many Presidents are white.
What is the President"s yearly salary? What are at least 5 perks the come v the job? (Be able come recognize any type of of those the we noted in class).
The President"s annual salary is $400,000 per year. At least 5 perks that come v the project are you acquire to live in the White House, you get an enig Service Protection, you gain Air pressure One, you acquire Marine One, and you obtain a fleet of dare (including the limousine, called "the beast").
What is presidential succession? In order, who are the very first six office holders that space in line to take over as President if needed?
Presidential succession is the seat of people in line to take over as President if the President were to resign, it is in removed, etc. In order, the an initial six office holders in heat to take over together President is the Vice chairman (Mike Pence), the speak of the house (Paul Ryan), president pro tempor the the Senate (Orrin Hatch), Secretary that State, Secretary that Treasury, and also Secretary that Defense.
How long is one term because that U.S. President? What is the maximum variety of years and also terms a person deserve to serve together President?
One term for U.S president is 4 years long. The maximum number of years and also terms a person can serve together President is 2 terms or 10 years.
Who is the just U.S. President to serve an ext than two terms? Why can"t any kind of future chairman serve an ext than two terms?
Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only U.S. Chairman to serve much more than two terms. No future President have the right to serve more than 2 terms due to the fact that Congress doesn"t desire a leader who can serve for a lifetime and become prefer a dictator.
Presidential vote are organized on the very first Tuesday after the very first Monday in November every 4 years.
What is the inauguration? once is the held? What role does the cook Justice of the U.S. Can be fried Court play in the inauguration ceremony?
The inauguration is the ceremony wherein our new President is sworn into office. The inauguration is hosted on January 20. In the inauguration ceremony, the chief Justice the the supreme Court typically administers the oath the office to the President.
The Electoral university is the team of human being who casts the main vote for President and also vice president. It was set up because when the Constitution to be written, the mean American human had small formal education. The framers to be afraid the common civilization were no knowledgeable sufficient to pick a default President, so they set up the Electoral College.
How countless electoral votes does a candidate need to win to victory the election? How countless votes space possible? How many votes does ours state have actually in the Electoral College? just how is that number determined?
A candidate needs to success a bulk vote (more 보다 1/2) for the electoral poll to victory the election. There space 538 votes possible. Our state has 20 votes in the Electoral College, i m sorry is determined due to the fact that there room 18 world in the residence of Representatives and also 2 world in the Senate (18+2=20).
What is the famous vote? just how do you victory the renowned vote? exactly how does to win the well-known vote in a state impact that state"s electoral vote?
The renowned vote is the vote of the people. To success the renowned vote, friend need more than half of the vote (or majority). To win the renowned vote in a state impacts the state"s electoral vote since that state climate gets come send all the state"s electors to the Electoral College.
What room the seven duties the chairman plays? (Be maybe to understand which function he is playing when provided a sample scenario).
The seven functions the president plays are the legislature Leader (suggests bills), the commander in chief of the military (tells soldiers what come do), the foreign Policy Leader (makes international policy and also negotiates treaties), the justice Leader (appoints judges), the chief Of State (attends funerals of foreign leaders, awards medals, and lights the nation"s Christmas tree), the Chief executive (appoints and also dismisses members of his Cabinet), and also the political Party Leader (makes speeches and helps raise money because that party leaders to run for office).
What is the function of the President"s cabinet? who originated the cabinet and how countless advisors did that have? How many members room in Donald Trump"s cabinet? Why has it grown? exactly how are cabinet members chosen?
The function of the President"s cabinet is to advise or assist the president on some of the tasks he has. George Washington originated the cabinet and also he had 4 advisors. There are 15 members in Donald Trump"s cabinet. The number of members in the cabinet has actually grown due to the fact that there space so many concerns to attend to in today"s world. Cabinet members are liked by the President, however the Senate has to give them.
What space the surname of every of the cabinet members? (Be may be to know which members would aid the chairman when given a sample scenario).
In the Cabinet, over there is the room of State, the room of War, the room of the Treasury, the department of the Interior, the room of Agriculture, the department of Justice, the department of Commerce, the department of Labor, the room of Housing and also Urban Development, the room of Transportation, the department of Energy, the department of Health and also Human Services, the department of Education, the room of Veteran Affairs, and also the department of countryside Security. (Remember the the head of each cabinet room is offered the location of Secretary other than for the head that the justice Department, that is referred to as the attorney General).

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What space the 2 main jobs the vice president was given in the Constitution? What space the 3 Constitutional demands for vice president? What does the 25th revised say around filling a vacancy in the evil presidency?
The two main tasks the vice president was offered in the structure is come act together the president of the Senate and to take over the presidency if needed. The three Constitutional needs for vice president is you have to be at least 35 year old, you need to live in the U.S. For at least 14 years, and also you have to be a native born U.S. Citizen. The 25th Amendment transaction with sequence to the presidency and also says that there are actions for pour it until it is full a vacancy because that office in the vice president.<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Constitution check 1","id":"225975360","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"karenames">; QLoad(""); return;})}<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Constitution check 1","id":"225975360","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"karenames">; QLoad(""); return;;window.location.assign("");" id="1-225975360">