A nation that is landlocked is one that has no direct access to the open up ocean. This means that the country is totally surrounded by land on every sides or that any type of coastlines space to attached seas.

There room 48 nations in the people that are thought about landlocked.

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How plenty of Landlocked nations Does southern America Have?

South America is the 4th largest continent in the world and has twelve sovereign countries and two non-sovereign areas. Of these nations inSouth America there room two countries that space landlocked: Bolivia and and Paraguay.

Map showing the ar of Paraguay and Bolivia, the just two landlocked countries in south America.

Largest Landlocked country in south America

Bolivia, at 1,098,581 sq. Km. (424,163 sq. Mi.) is the 28th largest country in the world and is the biggest landlocked country in south America.

South America’s 2nd Landlocked Country

Paraguay is 406,752 sq. Km. (157,048 sq. Mi.) is the 60th largest country in the world.

Bolivia and also Paraguay room the just Landlocked nations Outside the Afro-Eurasia

These two countries are the only landlocked nations outside ofAfro-Eurasia(which containsthe continents of Europe, Africa, and also Asia.

Neither Australia no one North America have any landlocked countries.

La Paz, the bureaucratic capital of Bolivia, is the world’s highest resources city (3,660 m; 12,005 ft). Photo: CIA, windy domain

How Bolivia became a Landlocked Country

Bolivia once had actually a coast along the Pacific Ocean but lostits coast territory to Chile throughout theWar the the Pacific. That war (from1879 to 1883) pitted Chile versus Bolivia and also Peru. Chile eventually won a large amount of territory from both countries, resulting in Bolivia becoming a landlocked country.

Despite gift Landlocked, Bolivia Still has actually a Navy

Interestingly, Bolivia quiet maintains an Navy, utilizing Lake Titicaca together its cultivate ground. “Dia del Mar” (Day the the Sea) is celebrated each year on march 23rd through Bolivia to note the loss of the war and the country’s s access.

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Map the the battle of the Pacific. Map showing Bolivia and also Peru’s pre-war boundaries (shaded colors) and also current boundaries (black line). Map: Keysanger, Wikimedia Commons, CC by 4.0

Landlocked Paraguay also Maintains a Navy

Paraguay additionally maintains a Navy due to its accessibility to theAtlantic Oceanvia theParaguay–Paranárivers.

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