5. Tay used paper properties to hide records in his folder and also now needs to get the documents back. Making use of a command-line tool, i m sorry of the adhering to combinations that parameters will certainly make the files viewable when again?


A. Attrib - RV *.*

B. Attrib - A+H *.*

C. Attrib + A+ *.*

D. Attrib -H *.*

6. Which group is ideal to entrust to a house user to protect against software installation?


A. Administrators

B. Strength users

C. Remote desktop computer users

D. Users

7. A Windows computer is not booting correctly. You must locate bad sectors and also recover information. Which command is best?


A. Chkdsk C: /R

B. Chkdsk C: /F

C. Chkdsk C: /C

D. Chkdsk C: /I

8. Where can a user"s desktop computer folder be discovered in home windows by default?


A. C:Users\%username%desktop

B. C:Documents and also Settings\%username%desktop

C. C:System Volume Information\%username%desktop

D. C:UsersSystem32\%username%desktop

9. A user that is part of a workgroup reports that she cannot publish to a brand-new printer. Everyone else in the workgroup have the right to print to the brand-new printer, and the user have the right to still immediately send print work to the old printer. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements explains how come remedy the problem? (2 ideal answers)


A. Add the new printer come the user"s computer.

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B. Clear the print queue top top the brand-new printer.

C. Adjust the user"s password and permissions.

D. Collection the brand-new printer as the default printer.

10. Her organization has an active Directory domain. Among the users, Bill, need to not have actually read access to a folder called Accounting. The accountancy folder is shared on a network server, on a partition formatted as NTFS. Which of the following statements best describes just how to protect against Bill from having read accessibility to the folder there is no impacting any kind of other customers on the network?


A. Remove Bill from every domain teams that have access to the accounting folder.

B. Refuse read access to the accounting folder for Bill with local access security.

C. Deny read accessibility to the accounting folder for any group the bill is a member of.

D. Deny read access to the bookkeeping folder for Bill with shared accessibility security.

D. Deny read accessibility to the accounting folder for Bill with shared access security.


11. Among the computer systems in your warehouse regularly requires the replacement of strength supplies, CPU"s, and also optical drives. Which device can assist to stop these species of hardware faults?


A. Compressed air

B. Antistatic wrist straps

C. Rescue Disk

D. Multimeter

A. Compressed air


12. I beg your pardon of the following is the most appropriate question come ask a customer an initial when attempting come troubleshoot an input device issue end the phone?


A. Can you describe the measures you have actually taken?

B. Have actually you proved that all USB plugs space secure?

C. Have you tried transforming it off and on again?

D. Space you sure that the machine is plugged in?

A. Can you explain the steps you have taken?


13. Examine the following figure. Then answer the question that follows.



B. Disc Management


14. Which of the complying with is the correct course if you wanted to disable a business in Windows?


A. Msconfig > settings > Services

B. System Settings > tools > Services

C. Manage Panel > Services

D. Regulate Panel > bureaucratic Tools > Services

D. Control Panel > bureaucratic Tools > Services


15. Which of the complying with programs in home windows 7 saves difficulty descriptions and also solutions?

A. File History

B. Difficulty Reports and Solutions

C. Action Center

D. Power Monitor

C. Activity Center


16. A co-worker tells you the a work-related PC has come to be infected with a virus. I beg your pardon of the following statements best describes the rirst stemp you have to take come remedy the problem?

A. Check for device security patches.

B. Execute an antivirus regime scan.

C. Boot the PC right into Safe Mode.

D. Remove the computer from the Network.

D. Eliminate the computer from the Network.


17. A client reports to you that a newely authorize smart card does not occupational in a laptop. You try your smart map in the laptop, and also it works without any problems. Which of the complying with statements best describes the most lekely equipment to the problem?


A. Do a BIOS flash.

B. Reinstall the OS.

C. Upgrade the smart card leader firmware.

D. Replace the smart card reader.

C. Update the clever card reader firmware.


18. A home windows 7 computer has an experience Index base score the 3.8. The technician discovers the the computer system has the following:

Performance index

Ram 1GB 4.6 Video3D 3.8CPU2, 4GHz 4.2

The tech upgrades the mem come 2GB and also gets the following results:

Performance Index

Ram 2GB 5.0 Video3D 3.8CPU2, 4GHz 4.2

But the Windows endure Index base Score is still at 3.8. I m sorry of the following can the technician do to enhance the power index basic score?


A. Dual the lamb again

B. Update the CPU come 3 GHz

C. Rise the resolution top top the screen

D. Upgrade the video clip card

D. Update the video clip card


19. Which of the complying with commands allows you to copy a record without prompts?


A. Comy /z

B. Xcopy

C. Copy /Y

D. Copy /A

C. Copy /Y


20. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is the finest Windows utility to ago up important system settings without requiring exterior storage?


A. Msconfig

B. Task Manager

C. Device Protection

D. Xcopy

C. Mechanism Protection


21. Study the following Win 7 Figure. Climate Answer the inquiry that follows.




B. System Information--I/O setting of IEEE 1394 controller


22. You are working just outside a server room the is gift built and also you listen a according to popping sound from inside. Together you go into the server room, you notification an electrician lying on the floor v an electrical cord in his hand. I m sorry of the adhering to statments explains the an initial step you need to take.


A. Speak to 911

B. Contact the building super.

C. Traction the electrician far from the cord.

D. Rotate off the electric power at the source.

D. Revolve off the electrical power in ~ the source.


23. Her boss desires to encrypt a tough drive that will be storing crucial data. Your boss needs to have the ability to drag and also drop folders ~ above the volume and have them be encrypted in real-time. Which encryption an approach should friend suggest?


A. BitLocker



D. Kerberos

A. BitLocker


24. I beg your pardon of the following paper extnesions will start the regime installion process in Windows?


A. *.INI

B. *.CFG

C. *.SYS

D. *.EXE

D. *.EXE


25. Your boss asks you to troubleshoot a computer system with a vires. Which of the adhering to bests defines the first step you have to take to remedy the problem?


A. Operation a mechanism Restore.

B. Identify the malware.

C. Roll back drivers.

D. Study malware types.

B. Recognize the malware.


26. Study the following figure. Then answer the inquiry that follows.





27. User A is component of the Users team on a home windows computer. User A do the efforts to access files on a UNC path:\serverfileshare. Fileshare has the following share permissions:

Admin--Full Control

Users--Read only

Guests--No Access

However, the magazine on the tough drive wherein the re-superstructure is located has actually the following permissions:

Admin--Full Control


Guests--No Access

Which level of accessibility with the account User A have?


A. Check out only

B. Change

C. Complete Control

D. No Access

A. Check out only


28. Her boss wants to perform BitLocker on however a 2nd laptop for traveling purposes. Which of the following should be performed before implementing BitLocker?


A. Enable TPM in the BIOS/UEFI.

B. Disable UAC

C. Defrag the tough drive.

D. Conver the record system to NTFS

A. Allow TPM in the BIOS/UEFI.


29. One of your customers has actually a defective disk. Which command deserve to be offered to extract readable information?


A. Recover

B. Replace

C. Convert


A. Recover


30. I beg your pardon of the complying with are benefits of Xcopy end Copy? (Select 2)


A. The capability to copy papers off of a mapped network drive.

B. The capacity to copy NTFS permissions.

C. The ability to copy files and decrypt them.

D. The capacity to copy entire folder structures.

E. The capacity to copy entire folder frameworks to remote computers.

B. The capacity to copy NTFS permissions.

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D. The ability to copy entire folder structures.

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