A customized blog post on her Order finished page can thank her customers or give them extr instructions.

The order Finished web page (OrderFinished.asp) is wherein you typically say goodbye to your customers. You can make this parting temporary by using this web page to bring those customers back for more! right here are several ways to add value to the end of her transactions.

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A number of instructions and messages space already set up for the Order perfect page. This messaging many thanks the customer for your order, directs castle to where they deserve to view the status of their order, and also gives any kind of instructions that apply to the miscellaneous shipping and payment techniques chosen. These have to be left alone (except where you require to modify your mailing attend to for checks and also cash order, etc). Friend can, however, add use article ID # 49 - PreText to include custom content. This post is displayed regardless that shipping or payment methods and also will be viewed by all customers. To modify this:

Go to Design > website Content.

Scroll under to the Order Finished section and click on write-up ID 49, PreText.

In the Article human body field, you"ll view "Thank you because that placing your order. Your order number is $(OrderNo)." you can edit this messaging, and include further text or pictures using the straightforward Editor toolbar. You"ll want to store the last sentence to show the customer his or she order number.

Click Save when finished. You can view the article by click the View Live link.

What to add to her Order perfect Page

A few suggestions:

A Personalized "Thank You" Message

Extend the personality the your site to your "thank you" message. You can adjust this as frequently as you want to store it topical.

If you"re selling kids toys or clothing, how around a brand-new terrible knock-knock hoax every week? Or shot providing a fun reality that is pertinent to the commodities you sell? A new memorable quotation (even indigenous a movie!) can add value to your Order finished page.

A Video

Extend the farewell come a short video if this matches the personality of her site. Again, this have to be changed from time to time to store it fresh and also repeat customers interested. Who knows, you could have customers making purchases simply to see your latest video.....

A Coupon Code

"Thanks because that purchasing! use this coupon code next time girlfriend shop through us because that 20% off a solitary item!" financially rewarding your client after they"ve make a acquisition is always a an excellent way to acquire them come come back.

Product-Based Content

As well as offering something to every customers that make a purchase, girlfriend can offer an extra reward come those who buy details products. You can offer coupon password for assets or categories relating come the product purchased, or carry out links to web write-ups relating to the specific product, etc.

Go to Inventory > Products.

Click on the product you desire to edit.

Go to Advanced information > Product Display.

Enter the text or HTML code in the Order finished Note field.

Click conserve when finished.

Content gotten in in the Order perfect Note field will appear below contents in short article 49 (PreText) field.

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If you decide to add product based content, you need to keep in mind the the stimulate Finished web page seen by client will display the store-wide Order perfect content and the Order finished Note for every product the customer simply purchased.