Science fairs carry out a wonderful chance for kids to learn around the clinical process, in a hands-on and also exciting way. Every year students come together, along with their families, come view and also discuss a range of scientific research experiments.

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It’s constantly interesting to see the wide selection of science tasks that kids of all eras share, and also to angry the learning that takes ar as they check out their very own topic, and the object of their peers.

My 10 year old newly completed the complying with project because that his fifth grade scientific research fair. We chose to share a comprehensive explanation of the procedures he took, in an initiative to aid any of friend who could need some impetus for your own science fair.


Here is the complete science fair display screen board as soon as it to be finished:


Scientific an approach Steps

Step 1: Question 

My son decided a question that he wanted to explore further – Why carry out some foods items mold quicker than others?


Step 2: Research

We spent fairly a little bit of time in ~ the library and also online, search answers as to why particular foods could mold faster than others, and defined what precisely mold is.


Step 3: form Hypothesis

Using his very own previous knowledge, and also the info gathered from our research, my kid came up through the following hypothesis: Natural foods items will mold much faster than processed foods.


Step 4: perform Materials

We do a perform of the materials needed, and also gathered the necessary supplies.

For this experiment, we used 2 varieties of fresh fruit (blueberries and strawberries), 2 different breads (white bread and a totality wheat hamburger bun), 2 types of vegetables (frozen corn and fresh carrots), and also 2 handle snacks (potato chips and licorice).

Each the the foods was put in a clear plastic bag to begin the experiment.


Step 5: Procedure

My son noted the detailed steps the the experiment:

Place food in clear plastic bagsPlace tray in a moist environmentObserve and record changesCheck food everyday for 14 daysDocument her findings


Step 6: conduct Experiment

After placing every of the foods in a clear plastic bag, that observed and documented the alters for 2 weeks (14 days).

At the finish of the experiment, I helped Malik (age 10) transfer the food to small bowls in bespeak to get a far better look at the mold growth. Then, we took photos to help paper the last results.

Blueberries, strawberries, corn, and also carrots after 2 weeks inside of plastic bags at room temperature:


White bread, hamburger bun, licorice, and potato chips after 2 weeks inside of plastic bags at room temperature:


Step 7: analysis Results

It to be quite obvious that the natural foodstuffs were moldier 보다 the handle foods. After ~ observing the outcomes of the experiment and also reviewing data, we created a graph depicting how much mold to be on each type of food.


Step 8: do Conclusions

Based on data collected, it to be time to answer the initial question posed in ~ the start of the experiment: Why execute some foods items mold quicker than others?

Now was the moment to decision whether or no the original hypothesis to be correct. We likewise discussed ways to improve the experiment.

Here is the conclusion the Malik (age 10) wrote:

My hypothesis was supported since at the conclusion of my experiment every one of the natural foods had mold and also the processed foods did not.

The processed foods items have preservatives the make it harder to grow mold top top them, unlike the natural foods items that have actually no preservatives, and mold a many faster.

Mold needs moisture and an are to grow. For example, the moisture in the blueberries and strawberries, and also the pockets of waiting in the bread, helped create the most mold in mine experiment.

To enhance this experiment, ns would have a wider variety the foods and place castle in different environments such together a bathroom, basement, kitchen counter, or attic.


The last result, ready to screen at the science fair looked like this:


The left next of the board had the question, hypothesis, and also research information:


The appropriate side the the board consisted of the outcomes (via photos) and also conclusion:


The center of the board had the title, materials, procedure, and data graph:


Overall, the scientific research fair was a large success. This experiment was interesting and educational, without being as well time spend or difficult.

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This to be my son’s first time presenting a task in former of his peers, and also he did a terrific job of maintaining his composure and feeling confident in his high quality of work. Such a great way to end his time in elementary school, and prepare for the projects and also presentations that will certainly be a component of middle school following year.

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