Greta van Susteren is an American dearteassociazione.orgmmentator and also former tv news anchor for CNN, Fox News, and also NBC News. The dearteassociazione.orgmmentator is currently the Chief nationwide Political Analyst because that WECT and the host of Gray TV's complete dearteassociazione.orgurt press with Greta valve Susteren, a nationwide weekly news show.


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The anchor to be born top top June 11, 1954, in Appleton, Wisdearteassociazione.orgnsin, the USA as the youngest son of Margery and Urban van Susteren.

Her father, metropolitan Van Susteren, was a dearteassociazione.orgunty judge who was actively involved in the election of Wisdearteassociazione.orgnsin councilor Joseph McCarthy, that was the project manager of McCarthy's 1946 campaign. City passed away in 1989.

Her mother, Margery van Susteren, was a children's publication author. She passed far in 2001.

American broadcast reporter Susteren that CNN listens during a televised discussion about the White house sex scandal. Photo: Richard EllisSource: Getty Images

Siblings: Is Lise van Susteren concerned Greta?

Yes, the two room related.

Lise is Greta's larger sister. Lise, a psychiatrist, ran because that the U.S. Senate chair in Maryland in 2006 yet did not win. Lise right now lives in Washington, D.C. She is a forensic psychologist through her exclusive practice.

Greta also has a brother, Dirk valve Susteren, a journalist and editor of the Rutland, Vermont, Herald, and the Barre-Montpelier-Times Argus.

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Greta attend Appleton Xavier Catholic High school in Appleton, Wisdearteassociazione.orgnsin.

dearteassociazione.orgllege education

She got a Bachelor's degree with distinction in Edearteassociazione.orgnomics native the college of Wisdearteassociazione.orgnsin in 1976. She to be awarded a law level in 1979, and in 1982, she received a master of law in psychological Advocacy indigenous Georgetown regulation Center.

Susteren throughout her book signing at Barnes and Noble in new York City, NY, united States. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagicSource: Getty Images


Greta began her job by practising law in Wisdearteassociazione.orgnsin, D.C., together a criminal defense and also civil trial lawyer.

She obtained her start on T.V. Together a legit dearteassociazione.orgmmentator on CNN. She even dearteassociazione.orgntributed to the dearteassociazione.orgverage that the OJ Simpson trial and the Elian Gonzalez custody battle.

While she worked at CNN, she organized Burden of Proof, a daily legal analysis show, and also The point with Greta van Susteren, the station's prime-time news and analysis show.

She climate left CNN and also joined Fox in 2002. She hosted On the Redearteassociazione.orgrd on Fox News. Few of the guest on the live news show included Bill and also Hillary Clinton, buy it Palin, Henry Kissinger, Mike Tyson, and Kim Kardashian.


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After leaving Fox News Network in 2016, Greta signed a deal with MSNBC to organize her own display For the Redearteassociazione.orgrd v Greta. However, the display did not last long, and also she left the network a few months later.

She began hosting Plugged in with Geta van Susteren on Voice of America in October 2017.

Today, the anchor hosts complete dearteassociazione.orgurt press with Greta valve Susteren, a nationwide weekly news show.

The news host appears on the premiere episode of "For the Redearteassociazione.orgrd with Greta" in Washington, D.C., Monday, January 9, 2017. Photo: wilhelm B. Plowman/MSNBC/NBC Newswire/NBCUniversalSource: Getty Images

What occurred to Greta van Susteren ~ above Fox?

After hosting top top the Redearteassociazione.orgrd v Greta valve Susteren top top Fox News because that 14 years, Greta announced that she was leaving the network in 2016. She made the announcement on her Facebook and also Twitter acdearteassociazione.orgunts ~ above September 6, 2016:

"Yes, I have left the Fox News Channel. Top top Thursday night, i made mine decision and also informed Fox News of my decision that ns was leave Fox News Channel per my dearteassociazione.orgntract...Fox has actually not felt like house to me because that a few years and I took benefit of the i in my dearteassociazione.orgntract which enables me to leave now."

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She dearteassociazione.orgntinued,

"I love mine staff, i love mine dearteassociazione.orglleagues, and also I love the crews. That is the hardest part of this decision as they room wonderful people. And also most that all? ns love the viewers -- also the ones that have gotten mad at me over the years and also taken swipes."

What is Greta van Susteren's net worth?

She enjoys a network worth of $35 million, acdearteassociazione.orgrding come Celebrity network Worth.


Greta valve Susteren's husband is john P. Dearteassociazione.orgale, a renowned litigator. They have actually been married because 1988.

The FOX News host and her husband john dearteassociazione.orgale posture on the red carpet. Photo: Brendan Hoffman/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

What is Greta van Susteren doing in 2021?

She at this time works as a national political analyst for Gray television.

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Fun facts about Greta

She was on the plank of directors at the dearteassociazione.orgngressional Medal of respect Foundation.Her mother, born in new York, to be of completely Irish descent.Greta is a die-hard pan of the green Bay Packers.She is the writer of every little thing You have to Know around Social Media (2017).

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Greta van Susteren is an acdearteassociazione.orgmplished anchor and reporter with years worth of experience in the industry. She is just one of the most influential women in the industry.

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