I just ordered a copy that Pokémon platinum, and I wanted to use. Milotic on mine team. Ns am mindful that it"s only discovered in four tiles. What is the fastest way to check each tile because that a feebas?


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Sadly, there"s no basic way. Girlfriend just need to keep make the efforts each different tile till you uncover it. The tiles readjust every day. You can gain it with any type of Rod, however it"s much less complicated with the supervisor Rod. However the super Rod is a article game item. You can discover on the foggy room v a lake in Mt. Coronet, i m sorry is the BF1 room. Trouble is it"s a fairly a lategame Pokemon. You deserve to only get it after the 6th Gym, and also it"s ~ above the means to the 7th one, so it"s really, really late.

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Your finest bet is come just check every solitary tile using an Old Rod. With an Old pole you"ll only have actually a 100% opportunity to find Magikarp so friend won"t have to worry around another Pokémon interfering with the RNG encounter. Just surf pixel by pixel making use of the pole a pair times every tile. 50% chance for a Feebas to popular music up. Good luck!


Your finest bet is come just inspect every solitary tile making use of an Old Rod. With an Old stick you"ll only have actually a 100% possibility to discover Magikarp so girlfriend won"t need to worry about another Pokémon interfering through the RNG encounter. Just surf pixel by pixel utilizing the pole a couple times per tile. 50% chance for a Feebas to pop up. An excellent luck!

Oh dear. Ns knew this to be gonna be tough, however I"ve done worse ingredient in Pokémon.

well many thanks for the advice, I"ll be certain to execute that once the game arrives. (May even be able to get my girlfriend to mix records and also have that search through me.)

Hey, can be worse, it might be prefer route 119 in gen 3.

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