Today, we"re going to head up to Mt. Stratus and take care of Team Fusion"s plan once and for all, and then we"re going to head on over to Darkwood Town and get our final Tunod Gym Badge!

I"m also making this blog on Bluestacks since it"s faster to type and easier on my fingers lol

Alright, so after we defeat Nicole, we can talk to Blake and Henri, who are near the entrance to Mt. Stratus. They decide that their plan of action will be to head to the Fusion Labs, which are at the top of the mountain, and save Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. To get up there, though, we will need Rock Climb. Which is exactly why Blake gives it to us.

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What"s pretty neat is that Rock Climb is a TM in this game (probably because it didn"t exist as an HM in Gen 3) so we can easily get rid of it. It"s a Rock type move as well, so it can be used against Bug and Flying Types. I decided to teach it to Thor so he could have a little better move variety.

The journey from Palmtree Resort through Mt. Stratus can be a bit confusing, but it basically takes you back to the path taken from Geminite Village. You need to Surf across a little pond and there will be a place to use Rock Climb. This is the place you need to go.

You will know you"re in the right place when you see Fusion Grunts and the music changes to the music you get in the Rocket Hideout in FRLG. And let me just say that the dialogue for these Grunts is pretty hilarious.


This is one of my favorites. But what part is he talking about? The taking on kids part? The being beaten by kids part? Or the whole final battle thing? All of them kind of suck, to be honest.


Behold the first battle of the Fire starters in this game. This time though, I was taking down a Typhlosion. And it went down with one Fly because Tough Claws.


There"s a little path that you can take from the cave that is up from the first Grunt, and it leads to what looks like the peak of Mt. Stratus. The music here changes here to a "heavenly" tune *wink wink*, so this could be a significant place later in the game.

It will be, trust me

We finally make it out of the cave into the snowy part (this seems oddly familiar) where we meet up with Blake and Henri. Henri keeps watch at the cave exit so no one comes from there, and Blake and I head into the lab.

There"s people to battle, obviously, but to progress, you have to enter the password into each of them. The only thing I"m saying about this is that they have to do with the Timespace trio. You know, because that"s basically what this whole scheme is about. Also, there"s a little side passage that leads right to a Master Ball. You"re welcome.

Near the end of the labs, we get stopped by Michael"s wife, Regina. She talks about what Team Fusion"s real master plan is. Their plan is to make a TM that can be used so any Pokemon can learn any move. That sounds cool, right? Well, I give up, let"s let them go through with this so we can abuse the power of the master TM.




Is what a stupid bad guy would say. They would abuse this power and it would kind of be weird if a Magikarp could learn Judgement. Am I right?

Anyways, Regina is the last stop before we make it to Michael.

Regina"s Pokemon

Zoroark Level 42

Kecleon Level 42

Roserade Level 42

Ditto Level 42

Pretty simple team, right? It isn"t too bad at all for a pre-legendary bad guy boss fight.

After going back to heal, we make it to the final room where Michael is unfolding his plan.

Here, Michael does the actual final bad guy boss battle (think of Regina as an admin, I guess), and he"s using none other than the Timespace trio, all of which are at Level 45

Even though his Pokemon are knocked out (smart move, Ex Lax), he still uses their power to rip Mew from the other universe. Michael states that Mew is now under his control, but Mew is smart and attacks Michael, but its attack sends it into a fury.

which we will not show Michael"s reaction because there are kids here :)

We have to fight Mew to calm it down, and common sense told me that it couldn"t be caught

and the fact that Mew said it we had no right to catch it

I decided to use Riri against it because Riri had Dark Pulse, but it was somehow faster and used Metronome, which luckily brought out Heat Wave. So I had to stall a turn healing him up. When I finally hit it with a Dark Pulse, it sent it into the red, which made it flee, along with the Timespace Trio.

Michael realizes what he did was wrong, and he says he will step down as CEO of Fusion Co. (so it was an undercover act!). Blake comes in, saying he was held up in the lab, but he made it in time to get slipped through the universe again.

We meet Luke in the Dreamspace between the universes for one final goodbye with Luke before we can"t see him again.

Once we get back to the lab, Blake gives us the HM we"ll need to get to Darkwood Town, which is Dive. You"ll see why in a bit. Before heading back, we meet Henri at his guard spot, saying that his dad stepped down as CEO and that he wants to go on a journey on his own. Good for him. Now he doesn"t have to deal with his father"s ludicrous orders.

Anyways, we head back down to Palmtree Resort, where we can now head west of the Spatial Ruins, where there is a huge spot to use Dive, which I put on Dill for now.

I like how they made the underwater a bit more lively than in RSE. It has color and we"re somehow riding a Crawdaunt that we never caught. Hm. Weird.

Anyways, the place we end up is called Darkwood Grotto, and it"s the final stretch before Darkwood Town. Think of it as a warmup for the Gym.

There are some places where you can go back underwater, and in one of these places you can actually find Skrelp. I"m actually debating what I want my last Pokemon to be now, but know for sure that it"s going to be a Dragon Type. I just don"t know which one yet.

If you beat this man, who has a bit higher level Pokemon than the other trainers in here, he"ll actually teach the move Superpower, even though his own Mienfoo can"t learn it. Now that doesn"t seem fair, does it?

Looks like we"ll have to see if this is true or not later on. It"ll be pretty cool if it is.

Now that we made it to Darkwood Town, I want to head back to Mt. Stratus really quick because there"s this guy who said he"ll talk after Team Fusion is taken care of. Once the whole thing at the lab is finished, he"ll give you a free Genesect. Can I say


Free Mythicals, baby. Who wouldn"t want to pass that up? Genesect is also my brother"s favorite Pokemon, so that added to the fact.

Darkwood Town is full of pretty cool stuff. The first attraction is the Dojo, which is a place for EV training. For just $1000, you can fight 10 rounds against an Eeveelution who specializes in a specific stat, giving you 20 EVs in that stat. In the side room, you can find another of the developers who were implemented into the game. His name is Cameron, and he was given this Dojo as thanks for help in making the game. He will fight you, too.

Cameron"s Pokemon

Gallade Level 50

Heracross Level 50

Breloom Level 50

Scrafty Level 50

Infernape Level 50

Machamp Level 50

Just like the guy at the performance hall, Cameron also has a shiny, which is Breloom. It has an orangish color to it instead of green, and it looks pretty cool.

He"ll give you a Blaziken once you defeat him, which was his first ever Pokemon. Yeah, he gave away his first Pokemon just like that. Weird, huh?

Anyways, another place of interest here is the Pharmacy, which sells my favorite healing item, MooMoo Milks! It also sells Lava Cookies and the usual herbs that are in the Pokemon games.

Before we can enter the Gym, we have to take care of Percy, who just got his last badge

always one step ahead of us. Reminds me of another certain rival that Percy looks like

Percy"s Pokemon

Gardevoir Level 43

Chesnaught Level 43

Quilava Level 44

Seadra Level 43

Also dude why the heck is your Quilava still a Quilava? We"re getting to the endgame soon, plus Typhlosion is so much better

Heh, Endgame

Anyways, Percy gives us the final HM, which will be needed to get through to the Pokemon League, Waterfall.

Now we can finally head inside the Gym, which is actually a gym

And at the back is the final Gym Leader of Tunod, Tyson, who specializes in the Fighting Type, if you couldn"t figure that out by now.

Tyson"s Pokemon

Scrafty Level 46

Breloom Level 46

Gallage Level 46

Lucario Level 46

Conkeldurr Level 47

This fight actually gave me a little trouble, but I managed to pull through once I got going.

And just like that, we have all eight badges of Tunod! That means there"s one thing thing left to do, and that"s beat the Tunod League. Before I do that, though, I want to catch my final team member, which will be revealed in due time. Until then, take care!

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