Hello, can someone please present me a map of every the helicopter areas please that space also obtainable online.

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The Yardies


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I"m gonna phone call which ones space on multiplayer and also singleplayer and if it is a maverick or an annihilator.



• To begin off the one in the airplane is an annihilator. There are 3 over there in MP(Multiplayer) and also in Singleplayer over there is just one but you"ll gain a 4 stars wanted level if you go into the airport.


•There is one annihilator(MP) on optimal of the police station across the airport"s parking lot.

Note: There room a pair of stairs ~ above the left side of the building, use them to with the top.


• The one in Helitours ( south Algonquin) in MP over there are around 5 Annihilators and in SP(Singleplayer) there are the same variety of helicopters however only Helitours Maverick.


• there is a period a few blocks north from the Broker-Algonquin bridge. That"s a police terminal with an Annihilator ~ above the roof. Over there is no method to reach the roof top top foot therefore you"ll need to take an additional helicopter to land there and get the Annihilator. Additionally I"m no 100% certain if over there is one heli there on MP, only on SP.


• The period right next to Star Juction is the MeTV building. It"s easy to view at night due to the fact that there space pink lamp in the top. There is one Annihilator top top the roof. You can take a window cleaning communication to with it however I introduce you take an additional heli there and land top top the roof because most that the times you go v the window cleaning thing, that won"t spawn.

Availability: SP - just after you kill all 200 pidgeons that will generate there. (A Maverick will show up over there before you shoot every 200 pidgeons.

MP - Not sure if the spawns there, most likely not.


• The next locations is in a small pier in West Algonquin, easy to get there.

In SP there is a Maverick that spawns there, easily accessible on foot.

And in MP there is one Annihiltor in the exact same location.


• currently the last period in Algonquin. It"s in north Algonquin, ns won"t explain how to obtain there because there"s just one on the north side.

It"s on the roof that a police station, there room a couple of stairs that will take you come the roof. Be cautious with the cops, there room alot of lock there.

Availability: just in SP.


Now in Alderney I"ll define locations from phibìc to south.


• The an initial dot is behind a mansion, it"s simple to spot, over there is one helipad behind it through a Maverick on it. It"s on both SP and also MP.

Also this spawn deserve to be quite usefull top top the digital co-op mission "Deal Breaker".


• The 2nd dot is no inside the booth tunnel, it"s on peak of it. Rather of start the tunnel go through the sidewalk beside it and you"ll gain there.

Also girlfriend can acquire there if you are in the water, there space a few ladders that you deserve to climb top top the helipad.

Availability: over there is a Maverick on both MP and SP.

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• The last period is ~ above the roof of a fire station. There room a few ladders the you can climb to obtain to the roof.