You have the right to actually use horse feed to make sweet feed moonshine. This is great news.

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You deserve to lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Yet if the equine leads you come it’s stall, you have the right to make moonshine.

This makes sense due to the fact that to do moonshine you really simply need anything v starches or sugars in order come ferment into alcohol. In fact, moonshine’s beginnings in the United says were in Pennsylvania and other grain-producing states. The ax actually describes ‘the light of the moon’ because early moonshiners had actually to work by the light of the moon to stop detection native the neighborhood authorities. 


Nowadays anyone v a horse and also a top quality distillery kit deserve to make their very own high high quality spirits in ~ home.


Don’t own a horse? do friends through a neighborhood farmer. You room sure to soon become a favorite roughly the farm. Also if you space not living in the country, accessing sweet feeding is easily done online. 




Using sweet feeding to make moonshine is a an excellent recipe because that beginners. This is because the horse mash is relatively straightforward to make and ferment when contrasted with various other recipes. This easy recipe is fun to make and also produces an excellent results!

What does a Sweet feeding Moonshine Taste Like? 

Sweet feed it s okay its name from the molasses had in the feed. The molasses consisted of in the recipe offers the moonshine a contempt sweet smell reminiscent the rum.

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that is necessary to use sweet feed without pellets or to remove pellets by hand indigenous the mixture. While many pellets may be harmless, castle can alter the final taste of her moonshine. 

Make your own Moonshine in ~ Home

Thanks come the popularity of the exploration TV series Moonshiners, an ext and more people room taking the plunge to make their very own spirits in ~ home.

However, all assets for make moonshine space not produced equally. Investing in a top quality moonshine distillery kit is an economical way to test her hand in ~ this fun and popular hobby. 



For beginners, we imply this simple to usage Stovetop Kit which contains everything you have to make your own alcohol, distilled water and also even vital oils. It has hoses to connect to your tap and also can be used on one induction or continuous stovetop. 

Creating your very own moonshine is a fun way to craft and perfect your own recipes to share v family and also friends. A an excellent way come celebrate through friends with spirits girlfriend crafted utilizing your own recipe blends. Have actually the perfect drink every time. 

The Perfect Sweet feeding Moonshine Recipe

Ready to gain started? The very first step is come gather all your essential materials and ingredients. 

Equipment List: 

Boiling pot
: You deserve to use a copper or stainless steel pot. Copper is much better at conducting heat and also will remove sulfides which will result in a better tasting end product. However, copper is much more expensive. Mixing spoon: consider the volume the mash you will certainly be making and make sure your spoon is huge enough to properly combine your ingredients. Fermentation Bucket: Make sure to use a fermentation bucket through enough an are for your mash come grow. ThermometerAirlockSiphon tube or cheesecloth


Ingredient List

10 lbs that sweet feed 5 lbs that sugar 1 tiny packet the distillers yeast5 gallons that waterLet’s get started. An initial let’s begin by making the mash. 

This recipe renders a street syrup by adding the street to boiled water and also then adding it to the mash. This is a great way come make sure the street is completely dissolved before including it come the feed. 

Add one gallon of water to your pot and also bring to a boil. When the water has actually reached 100° F that is time to include your sugar. Eliminate the pot from warmth and add your sugar slowly. Line the mixture well to make certain it is completely dissolved. 

Add the remaining four gallons the water into the fermentation bucket. Stir in 10lbs that sweet feed. Mix well. 

Once the sweet feed and water have been fully incorporated you can include the street syrup. Mix the contents together fully. 

Use her thermometer to check the temperature of her mixture. Once your mixture has actually reached in between 75° F and 85° F you are able to add your yeast. 

Add the entire packet of yeast and stir. Then include a lid to her mixture. Make certain your mash has actually room to thrive in your bucket. If not, transport to a larger bucket. Placed the airlock in place. 

Congratulations! You have actually now made your mash. Currently it is time to deliver your bucket to a dark room and let the fermentation procedure begin. Let her mash ferment because that 14 days. 

Now that is time come Distill your Sweet feed Moonshine!




Once your mash has actually fermented because that 14 days, it is time to different the mash. That is important to different the solids (mash) indigenous the liquids (wash) prior to we start the really distilling process. To different these 2 you deserve to use a cheesecloth or a siphon tube. 

Once you have actually your wash you can distill as usual. Monitor the contained instructions included in your distillery kit for finest results. Moonshine deserve to be jarred for later use or consumed appropriate away. The actual proof of your heart will vary with the distillery process used. 

What is the finest Pairing because that Sweet feed Moonshine? 

As sweet feeding moonshine regularly has a sweet aftertaste that is a great after dinner spirit. However, through its roots firmly planted on the farm yard many take into consideration the best means to consume this cooking recipes to it is in in the an excellent outdoors! 

Making your very own moonshine may seem like an intimidating task. However, with the right tools it is a fun and easy hobby the is sure to it is in a winner among your family and also friends. As soon as you obtain the basics of moonshining down, you deserve to experiment and also really make the spirits her own. The is a an excellent way come get an imaginative in the kitchen. 

Have girlfriend tried sweet feeding moonshine? let us know in the comments! execute you love sweet moonshine? try our apple cooking recipes next!