How in the human being can a $1.97 party of Oak sheet Wine from Wal-mart be any type of good?

Fabulous wines under $10.00.

I opened up a party of Oak leaf Wine (Chardonnay) while thinking the exact same thing. But, ya recognize what? It yes, really wasn’t that bad. I mean it no fantastic, yet it wasn’t destructive either.

It was unavoidable that Wal-mart would begin selling wine, since the dimension of the industry is too tempting come ignore. With more than 4,000 stores in the united States, consisting of Sam’s Club and other entities, Wal-mart opened up the means for enormous Oak sheet sales.

According come, utilizing statistics furnished through The Neilson Company, in 2007 wine accounted because that $3.5 exchange rate in sales. Currently that’s a many wine!

Oak sheet Wine is the private label non-vintage wine marketed by The Wine team (the crate wine people) only sold to Wal-mart stores. It is simply one of the labels developed in The wine Group’s Ripon, California manufacturing facility.

Headquartered in san Francisco (about 70 miles west that Ripon), The wine Group’s labels include such renowned brands together Corbett Canyon, Inglenook, Mogen David, Franzia, Almaden and also Glen Ellen wines. The firm newly relocated their operations facility from san Francisco come Livermore, California, about mid-way in between San Francisco and Ripon.

The Wine team was once component of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of new York. That operation and also products are retained pretty lot secret. That doesn’t also have a this firm website, although it does have brand-related sites. They are the second largest wine producer in California (more than 40 million cases produced annually) second only come Gallo.

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Oak leaf Wine come in six varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel. The traditional 750ml bottles have an elegant label that shows four seasonal oak trees, one for spring, summer, fall and winter.

You’ve most likely heard of, if no tasted, Charles show wine. Its businessman Joe’s alcohol warmly nicknamed, "Two Buck Chuck" which sells because that $2.99 a bottle. Due to transportation fees to outlying states, the price have the right to be a dollar more than California.

Oak sheet Vineyards won a gold medal in ~ the reputation Florida State international Wine Competition and Silver and also Bronze in ~ the 2008 mountain Francisco wine Competition. Now that’s pretty exceptional for a $2 party of wine!

Oh and I love this… The summer 2008 execution of “O at Home” magazine, (you know, Oprah’s magazine), featured Oak leaf Wine top top its cover v the tags line: “The $3 party of wine that will certainly blow friend away.” On page 19, they photo Oak sheet Chardonnay and call that “The steal that the season.”

Most “wine snobs” will turn their noses up at this wine since it is inexpensive and comes native Wal-mart. However the truth is the it is better than one would certainly expect. I’ve had $20 - $25 bottles of wine that can not host up to these. Because that a cheap alcohol it’s perfect for an daily wine come compliment dinner or snacks ~ above the patio.

I do need to say though, if this is your first glass the wine because that the night it’s not that bad, yet if you’ve already had miscellaneous else an initial and then try this wine, the will most likely not taste that great. I think Charles shaw is a better cheap wine. I’m just sayin!

Ultimately, for the price, ns think it’s challenging to win the worth this alcohol delivers.

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So walk ahead, to buy cheap wine yet tell your friends that is was really expensive. Possibilities are they will certainly never understand the difference!

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp!

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