Billy is traveling with his father and also his grand so his hounds can compete in a regional competition. They journey all day and stop in ~ night come rest. They do camp and also prepare an night meal. Billy’s grandfather insists the he feed his hounds corned beef hash fairly than the corn enjoy the meal mush lock ordinarily eat.

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Sitting before the campfire with his grandfather, Billy and also his dad share stories around the hounds. Because that instance, Billy describes that Old Dan will not eat before little Ann has actually the possibility to carry out so. Billy’s father recounts an event in which two biscuits had actually been thrown from the home into the yard. Fairly than eat the biscuits, Old Dan choose them indigenous the ground and carried them approximately the home to the dog house. Then he growled an alarm to small Ann, that came the end of the dog house. Each dog ate one biscuit. Billy’s grandfather thinks the stories space remarkable and evidence a strong bond between the dogs.

together the conversation continues, Billy moves away from his father and grandfather to enjoy a singular experience. His grandfather had ready coffee, and he provided Billy a cup that the solid brew. At home, Billy is never permitted to drink coffee. The feels that his grandfather’s gesture signals his pull close manhood. The sits near a tree stump come treasure the moment.

Billy is restless and has challenge sleeping v the night. In ~ one point, he think he hears the cries of two screech owls. Follow to regional superstition, hearing 2 screech owls is a negative omen. The following morning in ~ breakfast he tells his grandfather, that dismisses the id as irrational. Castle clean up the camp area and also continue your journey.

as soon as they arrive at the official hunting grounds, Billy is astounded to see the variety of contestants and the fine animals that have involved compete. The hunters are arrayed in stylish sporting gear, and also the dogs room beautifully groomed and primped because that the event. Initially even Billy’s grandfather is bring away aback by the numbers. To ease his anxiety, Billy strolls around the camp, observing all. The feels far better when...

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