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Where the Red Fern grow centers ~ above the main character, Billy, and also his adventures v his 2 hounds, Old Dan and tiny Ann. While most of the action takes place roughly Billy, this poignant story could not be told there is no the personalities of Billy’s mother, father, grandfather, and others.

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Billy: Billy is the main character (also recognized as the protagonist) of whereby the Red Fern Grows. The is the narrator that the book. He speak the story of the Red Fern with flashback. (He speak this story as an adult looking ago on his childhood.) at the beginning of the novel he is ten year old. Billy has three younger sisters and is a kind and likable character. V his adventures, that learns around sacrifice and also unconditional love.

Going Beyond: This story is told by Billy as one adult mirroring on his childhood. Would certainly this story be as powerful if it to be told through Billy as soon as he was a ten-year-old boy? Why or why not?

Little Ann: small Ann is the smaller of Billy’s 2 redbone hounds. While she is the smaller sized than Old Dan, she is smarter than he is. She seems to understand the raccoons and they cannot outsmart her. She is playful and also loving.

Old Dan: Old Dan is the stronger of the 2 hounds. That is enlarge than little Ann, yet not as intelligent. What that lacks in brains, he an ext than renders up because that in brawn.

Going Beyond: provided that they room dogs, carry out you think about the Old Dan and tiny Ann main characters? Why or why not?

Mama: Billy’s mother. She issues constantly about Billy while he hunts, yet she is additionally proud of him. She is component Cherokee Indian and really religious. Billy speak to her about God and she loves answering his questions.

Papa: Billy’s father. The is proud when his son begins to hunt. He desires nothing more than to view his Billy happy. The is a farmer and also does not earn lot money, yet is make the efforts to save what he deserve to to move his family to town. He speak to Billy’s mother and also encourages her to not problem so much around Billy’s hunting.

Going Beyond: just how does Billy’s relationship with both his parents affect his behavior? do you think that would have actually been maybe to perform the things he go without your support and also pride? Why or why not?

Grandpa: Billy’s grandfather. That loves his grandson there is no question. He own a basic store in town, the place where the coonhunters that the town acquire together to comment on hunting. He promised Billy that he would help him acquire his dog if Billy earned and saved fifty dollars, which was a huge sum of money throughout the great Depression. As soon as Billy involved Grandpa through the money, Grandpa was moved to tears he was so proud. He preserved his word and helped Billy obtain his dogs, Old Dan and tiny Ann.

Going Beyond: Is over there someone in her life who relates to you the method Grandpa pertained to Billy? If so, who is it and what do they do to make you feeling special? If not, think of other book or movie characters that have this one-of-a-kind relationship and describe exactly how it boosts their lives. (This is do a text-to-self or text-to-text connection, i beg your pardon are an useful tools in reading comprehension.)

Ruben Pritchard: Ruben is a bully. The insults others and is always ready for a fight. Rubin dies during the book when he tries to conserve his dog by running after little Ann and also Old Dan through an axe; he trips and also falls ~ above the axe.

Rainie Pritchard: Rainie is Rubin’s younger brother. The is constantly making bets. Billy considers that a very mean boy.

Going Beyond: Why do you think the author makes the Rubin brothers such unlikable characters? would the story have actually been as powerful if the Rubin boys were much more likable? Why or why not?

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