The normal main places were used, consisting of the Chateau, the sets, and plenty of generic forest scenes.

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I mean the last thing many of us room thinking about is locations right now… but here us go anyway!

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Hello areas fans, apologies because that falling behind through the posts.

How many times did you run watching this episode? I recognize I had a few starts!

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How awesome to be the opening episode? and as constantly our beloved Julie has a failure of the areas used. Mild spoiler below!

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Hello there lovely Merlin fans!

As I’m sure you’re every aware, Merlin collection 5 kicks off this evening on BBC One in ~ 7:45pm GMT withArthur’s Bane, and I’m happy to announce that this will certainly be swinging ago into action with it. Over the course of the collection we will hopefully be providing you through the episode-by-episode overview to all the locations used, and also sharing part (non spoiler) photos indigenous the final block that filming in Pierrefonds.

I expect you’ll expropriate mysincerestapologies because that the inactivity that this blog, and also I look front to enjoy it the new adventures with you.

Let the countdown begin!

Ever wondered around the creator the Merlin Locations? Well, currently you deserve to read an interview through herhere in ~ the brand brand-new fandom based webzine called Fandom Wanderers.

Be sure to examine them out and let them understand what you think!

Hello there place hunters!

I must apologise because that being somewhat missing lately. I recently finished university and also went straight into a full time job which requires me come commute 2 and a half hours every way. I’m currently out of the residence for 13 hours Monday to Friday for this reason I’m just acquiring used to juggling my time.

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My aim within the next pair of main is to acquire a queue going through information and also pictures relating to locations. In regards to collection 5 I will certainly be staying clear of posting casting spoilers, some images from Pierrefonds filming may appear but I’ll keep them generic. When linking to outside resources I will of course warn friend if there is walking to be spoilers. I’m preventing them as lot as a many you are!

I believe we witnessed the an initial trailer today…how exciting! Not lengthy now!

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Some advantageous links:★ Filming & occasions info 2012★ Filming info ★ caveat emptor ★ entry guidelines ★ FAQ ★ Newbies guide to gift on a movie setThe main because that Merlinlocations.comThe BBC television display Merlin movies in a variety of beautiful and intriguing locations. This site intends to re-publishing information around and images of those locations.We started visiting this sites simply since we’re fans of the present – but we soon came to be a pan of these locations for their very own sake. Places such together Chateau de Pierrefonds, Puzzlewood, Dunraven Bay, Porth yr Ogof and also Burnham Beeches space well worth a visit, whether you discover pretty people and also unicorns there or not.This intends to share fan photos, reports and answer any kind of questions friend have about the locations. We"re no affiliated v the BBC, however we"ll help you in any means we can.Merlinlocations top top Flickr Our key website