Tropical Evergreen woodlands are a dominant part of the herbal vegetation in India. They prosper in the areas having more than 200 centimeter of rainfall. Types of woodlands form crucial part the the Indian geography syllabus for IAS Exam and dry evergreen woodland is one of them.

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This write-up will administer details around the topical evergreen forests additionally called dry rainforests.

Introduction come Tropical Evergreen Forests

The evergreen woodlands are important in not only cultivating greenery on the planet, however they are likewise useful in the continual survival that animals and also plants in the woodland ecosystem. The trees space evergreen as there is no period of drought. Lock are mainly tall and hardwood.

Tropical Evergreen woodlands – Characteristics

Learn to identify the dry evergreen forests, a form of natural vegetation, v the points given below:

Tropical Evergreen Forests
The tropic wet evergreen forest in India is usually found in locations receiving an ext than 200 centimeter of rainfall and having a temperature that 15-30 levels Celsius.They occupy about 7% of the earth’s surface.They are uncovered mostly near the equator.They have actually sparse undergrowth interspersed v clearingsThey have a scarce visibility of litter (organic matter settling ~ above the ground)These forests are dense and also multi-layered.They port many types of plants and animals.The woodlands constitute an essential part of the environment and also ecology.These tree are critical component the the woodland Biology and also ecosystem, the helps to encourage life in the ecosystem. This allows the plants and animal life to harmonize and also live with one one more in absolute peace.

Tropical Evergreen forest – geography Location

These forests are found on the eastern and western slopes that the western Ghats.


The states where these forests are predominantly identified are :

Tamil NaduKeralaKarnatakaMaharashtraAssamArunachal PradeshNagalandTripuraMeghalayaWest BengalAndaman and Nicobar Islands.

There are quite a few different plants and animals the exist in harmony with one one more for the continual survival the the species. This co-existing device of plants and animals leads to the presence of a biome. A biome is the collection of every wildlife and plants the coexist in a details environment characterized by details geographical boundaries.

Tropical Evergreen woodlands Host arrays of tree & Animals

Plant varieties in dry Evergreen ForestsAnimal types in dry Evergreen Forests
EbonyMahoganyRosewoodRubber ChinchonaElephantsMonkeysLemurDeerOne-Horned Rhino (Assam, West Bengal)BirdsBatsSlothScorpionsSnails

The different varieties of pets that live in the evergreen woodlands are normally of a certain form such as aboriginal birds choose owls, hawks, cardinals, and also even some mammals such together deers, possums, and raccoons.

In India, evergreen woodlands are primarily located in claims such as Karnataka and also even Kerala. The western Ghats are the primary ar of the evergreen forest. The woodlands mainly contain trees such together rosewood, mahogany, and also ebony.

This write-up provides appropriate information around the tropical evergreen forests and their properties features. This subject is appropriate for UPSC 2021 and other government exams.

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Tropical evergreen woodlands are likewise known as rain forests since they receive an ext than 200 cm rainfall every year.
The greatest single area that tropical evergreen forest is uncovered in the Amazon Basin, in the northern half of south America.