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Even despite Pokemon FireRed takes location in the Kanto Region, the Pokemon native the first three Pokemon Generations are coded in ~ the game because it to be released throughout the 3rd Generation. This way that even though most cannot be found naturally in the Wild within Pokemon FireRed, every the legendary Pokemon native the 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation have the right to be traded for and obtained.Back when the Nintendo GameBoy development was quiet the key Nintendo Handheld Device, the Pokemon agency actually held an event so players could actually attain Lugia, one of the legendary Pokemon the the Johto Region, within Pokemon FireRed. This event was because that the MysticTicket, i beg your pardon would allow players to take it the ferry come Naval Rock where Lugia can be found.Since those Pokemon Events ended a long time ago, the only method to obtain Lugia these days is by using Cheat code Device. If play on one actual game Boy Advance, you will require either a activity Replay maker or a Codebreaker device to be placed into your video game Boy Advance. This will enable you come input a cheat password to one of two people warp come Naval absent or to achieve the MysticTicket in order to find Lugia. If you are playing on an virtual emulator, you simply need to download one that supports these varieties of codes.If making use of a Codebreaker maker (or room playing on one emulator the supports their offered codes), you will first need to get in the master Code "000014DS 000A 10044EC8 0007". After that, you will need to go into the Naval absent Warp Code, i m sorry is "82031dbc 2402". ~ activating both codes, you have to be warped to Naval Rock just by reloading her game.If making use of an action Replay an equipment (or room playing on one emulator the supports their provided codes), girlfriend will first need come enter and activate the codes "72BC6DFB E9CA5465 A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86" and also "8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2 78DA95DF 44018CB4". After that, friend will need to enter the MysticTicket Code, which is "0E12F25C BC489609 141BB87C 83D7018F 7A063220 5D82DF58 2782EFCA 4EED1397". After activating this last code, friend should be able to purchase the MysticTicket from the salesman in any type of Poke Mart.Once at Naval Rock, take the right path to walk to the heart of Eight Island and also find Lugia. It will certainly be discovered at Level 70, and it will understand the move Recover, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, and also Swift. Because Hydro Pump and Swift space Lugia"s just attacking moves, they"re yes, really the only things girlfriend will need to issue about. Due to the fact that Water kind Moves aren"t reliable Grass type Pokemon, they are usually the way to go when encountering this Legend. Lugia is additionally a Psychic/Flying kind Pokemon, definition its particularly weak come Electric kind Attacks, Dark type Attacks, and also Ice kind Attacks. Make certain to additionally paralyze Lugia as soon as in fight with it, make it every the less complicated to capture.When looking to catch Lugia, always save directly prior to proceeding come battling it. It"s never ever fun once you accidentally defeat Lugia or if it defeats all of your Pokemon, but every one of that is avoidable just by conserving directly before trying to record it.

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Also, don"t forget come purchase loads of Ultra Balls indigenous the poke Mart before going to record Lugia. Ultra Balls space the best possible Poke Balls you can use when trying to record Lugia, unless, of course, you"re walk to usage your master Ball top top it.Click below To Learn just how To capture Ho-Oh, The next Piece the The Tower Duo!