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NEW olions — Drake’s new Orleans-shot “In my Feelings” music video clip has carried some notoriety come a couple of unlikely places, favor the Hollygrove mural that Lil Wayne the Drake danced in front of for the video.


News through a twist Reporter Kenny Lopez met the talented artist that this mural.


This mural on phase III human body Shop has gained the whole Hollygrove community all increase in your feelings.


“It is so famous that world pass by and also take pictures. There are constantly five or six cars, spaceship buses, and also mini-vans coming to examine out this mural,” Kennith Jackson of phase III human body Shop said.

In 2017, the artist Ceaux painted the mural the Lil Wayne to pay tribute come the Hollygrove native.


“Lil Wayne to be going with some hard times, so I wanted to permit him know that us were all thinking of him,” Ceaux said.

Recently, the Mayor’s Office referred to as Ceaux and also asked if Drake might shoot his video clip in prior of his mural.


“The means the video was collection up was that it to be a dream montage. Drake to be paying homage come Lil Wayne since in the tune he samples Lil Wayne. This to be Drake’s method of Wayne being present in it,” Ceaux said.

Ceaux stated there are a couple of things around this mural that most can not know.

“I painted on Lil Wayne’s tattoo that’s ~ above his left shoulder,” the said.


Also on the mural is a goat, which stands for “greatest of every time” — frequently a reference of Lil Wayne.


And the “0017th” ~ above the mural stands for Hollygrove.


Because of the video, Ceaux’s viewed a rise in his own popularity.

“About 25 times a day, somebody will tag me in one of their posts,” the said.

Ceaux likewise said that he decreased to be paid for the video clip because his mural was already there beforehand.

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The Lil Wayne mural is located at 8401 Olive Street in Hollygrove if you’d prefer to go examine it out.