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5 new ORLEANS locations SEEN IN "HOT tub TIME machine 2"

Forget the Kodiak valley ski resort whereby 2010’s “Hot bath tub Tim Machine” to be set. For “Hot bath tub Time maker 2,” director Steve Pink and company packed their bags for new Orleans. Castle didn’t simply shoot here, either. They made decision to set their entirety film in “The Silicon valley of The South,” as the city is known in the time-traveling comedy’s 2025 setting. This is a collection of local places eagle-eyed moviegoers can watch for once “Hot bathtub Time device 2” hits theaters ~ above Feb. 20.

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Well, it’s hardly a new Orleans movie without a trip to the French Quarter. And while we get only a fleeting glimpse that Jackson Square -- in addition to several other, much more generic French Quarter-y shots -- watch for it at about the film’s 35-minute mark, right around the time that Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark fight it out are commenting about how 2025 no really the much different from 2015.


The peach-colored wedding room on Hayne Boulevard in eastern new Orleans it s okay an unmissable cameo in the film’s third act together the step of a wedding that ends increase having major implications because that the plot.


It"s yes, really a scene that might have to be shot in any city, as Corddry, Duke and Robinson stumble across a heavily CG"d structure in which Jason Jones" personality lives. However locals who consistently pass the intersection that Julia Street and S. Peters Street will immediately recognize the unique "fish-scale" fence/wall behind the actors. It"s the wall that surrounds the otherwise unmarked strength substation right throughout the street from Rio Mar restaurant.

2. ONE shell SQUARE.

You’ll have to watch very closely for this one, yet keep an eye out together Corddry, Duke, Robinson and also co-star Adam Scott leave an i can not forget (no issue how tough you try) game display called “Choozy Doozy,” organized by Christian Slater in a quick cameo. Once they burst the end of the studio’s doors, pay fist to the patent angled white limestone walls: It’s not really a TV studio castle exiting. That the soil floor the Louisiana’s tallest skyscraper.


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Perhaps the easiest to identify of all the new Orleans locales in “Hot bathtub Time maker 2” is this 108-year-old hotel at the corner of Poydras and also Baronne streets. A co-star in a variety of films ranging from “The Butler” come “Dylan Dog: Dead the Night,” it’s whereby the magic wake up in Pink’s film. Called “Shangri-Lou” because that the film’s purposes, the doubles as the swanky residence of Corddry’s sleazy dot-com billionaire personality -- called Lou, of food -- and also the place where the keeps his titular hot tub.