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The purchase was supposedly finalized before his VH1 display was halted because of sexual misconduct allegations

Clifford “T.I.” Harris apparently put down end $3 million for a brand-new home in his house state. The Atlanta-raised rapper reportedly bought a 7-bed, 10-bath, 14,000-square-foot mansion late last year.

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According to TMZ, T.I. Purchase the legacy on the Chattahoochee river for $3,265,000 in ~ the finish of 2020. Tip and also his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris have showcased their family life in Georgia top top the VH1 reality collection The family Hustle and also Friends & household Hustle.

In February, VH1 suspended production of the fourth season of T.I. & Tiny: girlfriend & household Hustle after the pair faced allegations of sexual abuse by many women. The alleged victim accused T.I. And Tiny that trafficking, drugging, and also coercion.

T.I. Refuse involvement in any sex-related crimes. In January, The L.I.B.R.A. album creator post an 8-minute Instagram video clip addressing the early stage accusations. More women have due to the fact that implicated T.I. And also Tiny in additional possible crimes.

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The daily Beast reported that T.I. And Tiny room under criminal investigation in Los Angeles County, California complying with an anonymous woman claiming she was drugged and also assaulted through the pair in 2005. A separate instance in ras Vegas has supposedly to be closed by local authorities since the statute of restrictions for the alleged 2010 incident has actually passed.

“The Harrises have not talked to or to be contacted by the Los Angeles Police room (LAPD), the ras Vegas Police room (LVPD) or, indeed, any type of member of legislation enforcement from any other jurisdiction in the country,” said T.I. And Tiny’s attorney Steve Sadow.

Some the the accusers began to rental lawyers and contact legislation enforcement following Glam university founder Sabrina Peterson calling out T.I. Because that allegedly placing a gun to she head. She then endangered to sue T.I., Tiny, and also the couple’s former friend/co-worker Shekinah Anderson because that defamation.

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Peterson offered to fall the sue if T.I. Publicly apologized within seven days of she request. The 40-year-old musician/actor and also Tiny laughed off the proposal. Peterson then seemed to react to the mockery by referring to T.I. As a narcissist.