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Yvette of Huy, patron saint of brides, large families, and widows.Yvette Mimieux, American actress

* Yvette Alexander, U.S. Politician * Yvette Andréyor, French quiet film actress * Yvette Baker, brothers orienteer * Yvette Biro, Hungarian essayist, screenwriter, and also professor emerita * Yvette Brind"Amour, Canadian actor

* Yvette Cason, U.S. Film and television actress * Yvette Chauviré, French prima ballerina * Yvette Clarke, U.S. Politician * Yvette Cooper, british politician * Yvette D"Ath, Australian politician * Yvette Devereaux, U.S. Conductor * Yvette Dotrice, English actress * Yvette Espinosa, English ballerina and ballet teacher * Yvette Estermann, Swiss politician * Yvette Fielding, brother broadcaster and also actress * Yvette Freeman, U.S. Actress * Yvette Giraud, French singer * Yvette Girouard, U.S. Softball coach * Yvette Guilbert, French cabaret singer and actress * Yvette Higgins, Australian waterpolo player * Yvette Jarvis, U.S./Greek athlete, politician, actress and model * Yvette Kane, U.S. Judge * Yvette Lee Bowser, U.S. Tv writer and also producer * Yvette Lu, Canadian elevation film and stage actress, singer, composer, writer and also producer * Yvette Michele, U.S. R&B singer * Yvette Mimieux, U.S. Film and television actress * Yvette Nelson, U.S. Model, actress and singer/songwriter * Yvette Nicole Brown, U.S. Actress * Yvette that Huy, Christian prophetess and anchoress * Yvette Rachelle, U.S. Actress and also model * Yvette Rekangali, Gabonese politician * Yvette Rosser, U.S. Author and also scholar * Yvette Sylvander, one half of sweden cover design twins Yvette and also Yvonne Sylvander * Yvette Tollar, Canadian jazz vocalist * Yvette Vickers, U.S.

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Actress, pin-up model and singer * Yvette Williams, brand-new Zealand athlete * Yvette Wilson, U.S. Comedian and also actress * Iweta Rajlich, Polish understand of chess * Iveta Benešová, Czech tennis player * Iveta Lutovská, Czech miss out on 2009 and also model * Iveta Bartošová, Czech popular music singer * Yvetta Hlaváčová, Czech swimmer * Yvetta Blanarovičová, Slovak actress * Iveta Toušlová, Czech moderator * Iveta Kořínková, Czech redactor and also moderator that TV Nova * Yvetta Simonová, Czech swing and also opera singer and also actress * Iveta Kadlecová, Czech artist * Iveta Kulhavá, Czech photographer * Iveta Dušková, Czech actress * Iveta Lažanská, Czech writer of Girl novels * Yvette Nipar, American actress

Yvette in song, story & screen

"Yvette," a quick story by guy de Maupassant.Yvette is a river in the south of France.Yvette named doll, Groovy GirlsYvette from game of Thrones.