What town does Jim Thome live in?

PeoriaIt was such a distinct day because that our family.” Jim Thome, a Peoria native, smacked 612 career house runs, play in two people Series, was called to 5 All-Star teams and is currently in the room of Fame.

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Who walk Jim Thome marry?

Andrea Thomem. 1998Jim Thome/Spouse

Andrea noticed how well Jim cure everybody, and he saw the same quality in her. They dated for two years, acquired engaged and also were married in November 1998.

Where walk Jim Thome flourish up?

Peoria, IllinoisThome grew up in Peoria, Illinois, as part of a large blue-collar household of athletes, who primarily played baseball and also basketball. After attending Illinois main College, he to be drafted by the ind in the 1989 draft, and made his huge league debut in 1991.

Does Jim Thome job-related for whitesox?

Hall the Famer Jim Thome proceeds His Classy MLB Journey as Member the White Sox former Office. This short article is much more than 2 years old. Jim Thome hit his 500th career home run as a member that the White Sox in walk-off fashion in 2007.


How much is a Jim Thome rookie map worth?

Jim Thome Rookie Cards In average, a Rookie map from Jim Thome is valued v $4.00.

Is Jim Thome in hall of Fame?

That’s how nice the was.” COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — Jim Thome was among six previous players inducted right into the nationwide Baseball hall of fame on Sunday in this bucolic little town that has actually been welcome the game’s greatest because 1939. This is hallowed ground, a ar that has triggered discussions for an ext than 7 decades.

What is Jim Thome doing?

Former White Sox slugger Jim Thome is joining MLB Network as a part-time studio analyst, and he sounds virtually giddy talking about it.

How much is a Ryne Sandberg rookie card worth?

Ryne Sandberg Rookie Card worth The 1983 Topps Ryne Sandberg rookie map is valued at around $700 in PSA 10 problem according to PSA’s own Sports industry Report Price Guide.

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Is Jim Thome coaching?

The hall of call slugger will be reunited with his protege this time together manager and bench coach. Jim Thome will certainly make his managerial debut for the American league team in ~ the All-Star Futures video game on July 7 in Cleveland, significant League Baseball announced Tuesday. His bench coach: Charlie Manuel, the course.

Who is Jim Thome married to and also how many children does he have?

Jim Thome is a married man. That married Andrea Thome on 7 Nov 1998. Similarly, he has two children, daughter Lila grace (b. 2002) and a kid Landon (b. 2007). Over there is no various other information around his wife and children. There are no rumors of divorce in between them. Together of now, they are living happily together.

Where walk Jim Thome go to high school?

He achieved all-state honors in basketball and also as a baseball shortstop in ~ his high school. Similarly, he enrolled at Illinois main College whereby he continued his baseball and also basketball careers. Jim Thome played for six different teams mostly for Cleveland Indians, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

How many home runs did Jim Thome hit?

Jim Thome: expert Life, Career and Retirement. He played for six different teams largely for Cleveland Indians, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. He hit 612 home runs throughout his career the eighth-most every time in addition to 2,328 hits, 1,699 runs batted in (RBIs), and a .276 batting average.

Where go Jim Thome play because that the Philadelphia Phillies?

Jim Thome, the former White Sox slugger who currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies, is offering his residence in Hinsdale and also has bought a bigger residence in Burr Ridge, follow to the Chicago Tribune.