Jacob Sartorius has 7 million pendant on Instagram, Vine, Snapchat (JacobSartorius) and also Twitter. An ext than a million civilization subscribe to his YouTube channel. And also if you room a tween through Musical.ly, possibilities are you are acquainted with his lip-synching/singing job-related — 8 million kids subscribe to his account.

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Jacob is 13. He lives in Reston, whereby he obtained his start both in regional theatre productions and also making videos on his block and in his basement.

Some to compare Jacob to a young Justin Beiber — he’s gained the an excellent hair and the boy-next-door looks. He deserve to sing — and he absolutely knows just how to job-related it.

Jacob Tweets day-to-day affirmations that have struck a chord v tweens search a positive message in a vital world, such as “Hey, be yourself,” or “Girl, you’ve gained something special.”

Girl you obtained something unique 😘

— Jacob Sartorius (
jacobsartorius) July 26, 2016

Jacob to be up in ~ the offices of Seventeen magazine in new York City this week as his latest video, “Hit or Miss” was released.

Here are some of the highlights:

What to be the motivation behind “Hit or Miss?”

Ultimately, it to be written about just having actually a great time. Friend can’t worry about the following day. If you’re going through something hard, just remember that tomorrow could be 10 times better. It’s about not taking life also seriously and just being able come let go and also have a an excellent time.

You’re an extremely popular on social media, especially musical.ly. How did you initially obtain into making musical.ly videos?

I remained in my bedroom and my friend from Baltimore said me around this application called musical.ly, and also I went directly to the application store and downloaded it. I had actually no clue what it was. I simply downloaded it. Ns think ns was one of the an initial people top top the app. Mine friend taped it and also I was just goofing off in my room and also it yes, really took off. The took like a minute come film. The bigger that my musical.ly got, the much more effort I placed in, since I wanted human being to watch the ideal content and I make the efforts to occupational the hardest I might for them.

Read the entirety Seventeen interview ~ above Seventeen’s website.

But, like any type of Internet star, Jacob faces backlash too. Review this Buzzfeed story top top on the digital bullying Jacob has to endure as well. Yes, one Instagram write-up may obtain thousands that comments, yet not all of them are positive.

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And there is this bizarre video game where kids article phone numbers in the Instagram comments and swear it’s Jacob’s phone call number — “just speak to Jacob — that is therefore nice!” Somewhere the end there, some random phones are gaining inundated with calls searching for Jacob.

YouTube: “Sweatshirt,” by Jacob Sartorius. Photo: Jacob Sartorius/Twitter