Kyrria; the city of Frell

Getting the place of the Land

Not also a location nerd will be able to find Kyrria top top a map. Well, duh. It"s fantasy. The author, Gail Carson Levine, simply made up the place.

But cave on—being made up doesn"t median being shallow or shoddily put together. Like, Tolkien built a convincingly historical and also mythical setting for The mr of the Rings, finish with developed languages and also ballads and also all. What Levine has done below isn"t therefore different, and she also has invented languages come prove it.

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(Although, no disrespect come Levine—we love this book—but Tolkien yes, really went all out. Dude to be a language professor, after ~ all.)

Anyway, like numerous fairy-tale settings, Kyrria features a hereditary monarchy (translation: her dad"s king; you gain to be king) and magical creatures favor elves and also ogres. Fairies bestow gifts—both welcome and unwelcome—and spouses room selected at balls. And, five yeah, castles. Gotta have actually the castles.

Some things space unexpected provided Kyrria"s fantasy medieval-ish setting, though. The land has actually a trusted postal company (which helps Ella and Char"s correspondence), and young females are sent out to finishing school to discover every possible method of gift polite, ever.

We"d take it a field trip to mount Doom over finishing school any kind of day.

Languages Galore

In fantasy, human being talk about something called "worldbuilding." the is—how comprehensive is the world? Does it feel prefer a real place? might you imagine life there?

One means writers develop a civilization that feels real is with languages. And boy, does Ella Enchanted have actually languages. Here"s a sampling the the key languages for this reason you can see how various they all are, native the section of the publication where Ella"s speak goodbye to the parrots who have actually taught she the lingo:

".iqkwo pwach brzzay ufedjeE" the was Gnomic because that "Until we destruction again."

"ahthOOn SSyng!" Ogrese because that "Much eating!"

"Aiiiee oo (howl) bek aaau!" Abdegi because that "I miss you already!"

"Porr ol pess waddo." Elfian because that "Walk in the shade."(6.45-48)

Each language has actually its own logic that determines wherein capitalization occurs or even if it is multiple collection or consonants have tendency to cluster together. Ayorthaian, the language talked in the next-door kingdom that Ayortha, likewise follows certain rules, with many words beginning and also ending with a vowel.

In keeping with the miracle setting, several of the languages actually are magic. Like Ogrese.

Ogres weren"t attention only since of their size and their cruelty. Castle knew her secrets just by looking at you, and they supplied their knowledge. When they wanted to be, lock were extremely persuasive. Through the end of one ogre"s first sentence in Kyrrian, friend forgot his pointy teeth, the dried blood under his fingernails, and also the coarse black color hair that prospered on his face in clumps. He ended up being handsome in your eyes, and also you believed him your ideal friend. (6.55)

Ogres deserve to thus usage their native magically, yet in fact their aboriginal tongue helps through their miracle persuasion powers, together Ella finds out once she"s captured by ogres but manages come tame them utilizing their very own language against them. Ella speak Char: "I speak to them in Ogrese, and also I imitated their oily way of talking. Ns didn"t know if I would certainly succeed" (15.37).

The countless languages v their magical associations help make Kyrria a fine rounded fantasyland, not just a cardboard cut-out imitation the Tolkien. And we"d desire Ella through us as a translator—if just to make certain we don"t end up as an ogre"s brunch.

Town vs. Country

Ella grows up in the city of Frell, so she"s acquainted with the means manor houses and castles work (hint: it help to have actually servants). We understand that she and also her mom would walk swimming in a adjacent river, for this reason it"s not prefer she"s a total city girl, however you get the picture: she"s a pampered rich girl, also if she"s a lot of nicer than you"d expect.

When Ella ditches finishing institution to discover the giant"s wedding, she"s ~ above her very own in the wilderness for the very first time in her life. She asks a baker because that walking directions and also he laughs at her: "On foot? Alone? v ogres and bandits roaming the road?" (13.8). Apparently, being external of people isn"t all rosebuds and also rainbows—not even close.

For Ella, though, being out in nature has actually its benefits. Because that the very first time in her life, there"s nobody to order her around. In this sense, the natural civilization comes to symbolize liberty for Ella.

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Of course, the herbal world likewise has herbal predators, favor ogres. For this reason Ella can"t wander around forever. That, and she runs the end of food because she"s a newbie in ~ this. But between the elves in your forests and also the giants in their farmlands (with pumpkins together tall as Ella!), there room plenty of allies the end there for Ella—provided she deserve to steer clean of ogres long enough to uncover them.