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I have actually an Adaptec 2940 Ultra adapter in a pc with the A7M266 MB. It"s running W2000 Pro.The adapter has actually a Plextor CD-ROM and CD-RW installed.The devices are running, though no as fast as I had actually expected.What"s bothering me is that during bootup the compensation BIOS initializes the Adaptec card and also the Plextor devices. Yet then the Adaptec card display screens the message "SCSI BIOS no installed."What can cause the adapter come not fill its very own BIOS? ns am stumped where to look. I"ve opened Adaptec"s SCSI choose utility but everything looks fine. Anyway, I"m guessing that there is a conflict somewhere.Jeff G

From mine experience, it"s since you don"t have actually a bootable device installed. If friend had, say, a SCSI HD ~ above there v an OS loaded, climate the BIOS top top the card would pack when that detects the drive.Since you"ve only gained CDROM"s ~ above there, that won"t pack the BIOS up.Mine acts the exact same way.
In general, a mass storage controller"s BIOS is only compelled if there are bootable gadgets to support. Most SCSI controller BIOSes room intelligent enough to eliminate themselves again if no boot maker found.It"ll download itself once you have a HDD ~ above SCSI, or as soon as you insert a bootable CD in among the drives.regards, Peter

That"s the method it is claimed to be. SCSI BIOS is only required when the internal boot drive is SCSI.
Once again, the site teaches me something important. Ns wish I had actually learned the this website a long time ago.By the way, i realized this day that windows 2000 reports that I have actually the following devices all ~ above IRQ 9:* The Adaptec card.* The nVidia card.* my 2 USB hubs.* The Microsoft ACPI device device* mine 3Com LAN card.Is the a problem?I discovered earlier this particular day that every time ns boot the PC, the Windows event Viewer reports the adhering to error three times:"The driver recognize a controller error ~ above \Device\Scsi\aic78xx1. "Obviously, that"s my Adaptec driver. I"m not sure what come do around this.

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See this FAQ come answer her question around the IRQ sharing. As for the occasion log error, I supplied to acquire that as well. You can try updating the driver through the one on Adaptec"s website or just disregard it.
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