I understand it method to walk to sleep yet where did the originate from. I"m spring for first use. Just curious.

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Mattresses offered to it is in stuffed complete of hay, or to be sacks full of hay. It is why us say "hit the hay" or "hit the sack."


In the entry because that sack on the digital Etymology Dictionary:

Slang an interpretation "bunk, bed" is from 1825, originally nautical. The verb an interpretation "go to bed" is videotaped from 1946.


The OED has it indigenous 1943 in James J. Fahey"s Pacific war Diary, 1942-1945:

I struggle the sack in ~ 8 P.M. I slept under the stars ~ above a steel ammunition box 2 feet wide.

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It"s in the exact same entry as the earlier hit the hay, from 1912 in Dialect Notes:

Hit the hay, to walk to bed.


It way go come bed. Linen was as soon as the common bedding product for sheets. Think linen sacks/storage bags (like burlap bags/hessian bags today) to be once an ext commonly supplied for things like grain (linseed in the old procedure of extracting linseed oil) etc. Linen (flax), additionally the exact same material/fabric together was provided for bed linen/sheets, pillow slips and blankets etc. Words Sac in French is translated to bag or bag in dearteassociazione.org, also likewise to "sac" an action, together we use "to pillage" therefore to piece ruthlessly, to steal with force. This alludes to the age old marital tug that war, over that takes too much of the bed covers and leaves the various other party cold and bare, favor a plundered village, shivering in the cold night of winter.


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