This is the super-absorbent polymer uncovered in disposable infant diapers. Also used in many "disappearing water" magic tricks, this good white flour instantly turns liquid water into a slush-like heavy substance. Technically speaking, the polymer absorbs indigenous 500 come 1,000 time its own weight in water. Simply include table salt to reverse the reaction. Safe and also amazing -- her students will certainly love it!

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Download the pdf that this lesson! Download the MSDS that this product. Sodium Polyacrylate is a white granular flour which swiftly absorbs water. It will certainly instantly absorb native 500 come 1,000 time its massive in water. One of its greatest uses is in making diapers super-absorbent. Table salt, NaCl, destroys the gel and also releases the water. Proposal for Use: 1. Just how much water will a super-absorbent diaper hold? Procedure: display students a super-absorbent diaper, a glass, and also a pitcher the water. Ask students how countless glasses of water the diaper will hold. If one student is holding the diaper open, slowly pour glasses of water into the whole length the the diaper. If you room careful, it will host 7 to 10 glasses of water. One could conclude the babies only must be changed once a day! Explanation: The yarn of the diaper save a small amount of salt polyacrylate, which instantly gels the water. 2. What"s within of a super-absorbent diaper? (Good for small groups) Procedure: over a tabletop, cut a super-absorbent diaper in half and pull out few of the fibers. Shiver the fibers and pull them apart, allowing the sodium polyacrylate granules and fibers to fall onto the table. Through your hand, push whatever that has fallen into a pile. Pick up and discard the optimal fibers. The white granules that remain are salt polyacrylate, which makes the diaper super-absorbent. Making use of a dropper, slowly include water come the granules and watch the gel instantly form. Show the college student a bottle of sodium polyacrylate and also ask them to predict how many super-absorbent diapers might be made v this quantity of powder. 3. How many drops that water can you host on the pointer of her finger? (Good for small groups, and for win bar room wagers) Procedure: ask students come guess the variety of drops the water that have the right to fit on among their finger – usually just a few. Then, v a dropper, present them the you deserve to keep as many as twenty drops of water on your fingertip. Explanation: Simply place a few granules of sodium polyacrylate on her fingertip, and also slowly add the drops of water, permitting one autumn to gelatin before adding another. 4. How good are your powers the observation? – "Three Cup Monty" (Good because that both big and little groups) Procedure: begin with three tall white Styrofoam™ cups and a pitcher that water. After mirroring students the the cups are empty, fill one halfway with water. Tell students to very closely observe the cup with water as you conveniently move the cups back and forth. Ask lock which cup has the water. Then show them that they room correct by pouring the water into one the the other cups. Do this number of times until ultimately everyone guesses wrong. Simply invert the cup castle guessed. Climate ask them come guess amongst the two staying cups. Dorn again, invert this cup on optimal of the very first inverted cup. Finally, show them the the water has actually disappeared through inverting the remaining cup and including it come the stack. Explanation: Beforehand, include a heaping teaspoon of salt polyacrylate to one of the 3 cups. The is for this reason white no one will notice when girlfriend initially display them that the cups are empty. In the early pourings, never ever pour the water right into this ready cup. Then, once you desire the water to "disappear", to water the water right into the cup comprise the salt polyacrylate. The water will instantly gel and also stick to the inside of the Styrofoam™ cup. 5. Deserve to you invert a glass the water there is no the water flow out? (Good for both large and tiny groups) Procedure: start with 2 beakers or 2 clear plastic cups, among which has a heaping tespoon of salt polyacrylate. From a pitcher, pour water into the empty container. Holding both containers, one in each hand, to water the water right into the one containing the sodium polyacrylate. Conveniently pour the water back and forth until it totally gels. Climate invert. To turning back the process and relax the water, add a couple of heaping teaspoons the table salt come the gel and also stir. 6. Have the right to you follow directions? (Good because that both big and small groups) Procedure: to water water right into a Styrofoam™ cup, ar a card over the opening, invert, and place on top of a student"s head. Asking the student to host this turning back cup on height of his head. Pull out the card and have the student who is hold the cup check out what is ~ above the card. That says: "DO NOT eliminate THIS map FROM THE CUP!" choose up the cup and also show that the water appears to have disappeared.

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Explanation: before starting, add a heaping teaspoon of sodium polyacrylate come the cup.