Fine and also Rein are sent to the royal Wonder Academy on the imperial Wonder earth in bespeak to study to become far better princesses. They arrangement to make countless friends, yet unfortunately, the competition and also cold nature the the students and also teachers make things impossible. The twins also become global Princesses when touching the legend Soleil Bell, releasing 2 angels named Pyupyu and Kyukyu come help aid them. Unfortunately, an evil force manifested in a paint doesn"t seem to it is in satisfied around the universal Princesses...

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It is stated that train stations room not only an end and also a beginning for many, but additionally are a location for lost and also forgotten objects – and also for those who space forgotten. ~ above a rain-soaked day, Minky Momo rides the train towards her final destination and also ends increase conversing v an old man who is trying come reunite v someone very important come him. After discovering he left his passport ~ above the train, Momo embarks to try to discover him and consequently runs into both she parallel self, and a young girl that is in need of both of your help. She has actually ties to the station, and yearns to uncover a resolution to her troubles...

TagsFantasyMagical GirlFamily FriendlyHenshin HeroesMagicMagical Fairy Persia PilotDVD unique (1 ep)Pierrot2003
TagsFantasyMagical GirlHenshin HeroesMagicFlower Witch mar BellTV (50 eps)Ashi Productions1992 - 1993

Ken and also Yuuri"s parents operation a flower shop, but recently times have actually been hard and the flowers aren"t selling. Come their assist comes mary Bell, a mage native the Flower Magic human being who helps those in need. Along with Ribbon the dog and also Mary Bell"s wonder helper Tambourine, Ken, Yuuri and also Mary Bell usage their positivity and magic to assist the plants and people of SunnyBell city. From learning to drive a bicycle to helping a tree thrive again, there"s constantly a funny adventure roughly the corner!

TagsMagical GirlFamily FriendlyHenshin HeroesMagicMagical angel Sweet MintTV (47 eps)Ashi Productions1990 - 1991

Mint is the princess the the Kingdom that Magic - a beautiful world where witches journey brooms and also vacuum cleaners, and also a rainbow garden that flowers shows the present emotions and dreams of humanity. As it is her twelfth birthday, Mint should undergo a psychological in order to inherit the throne: she need to travel come the world of mortals and also deliver come them seeds of happiness. However, as soon as Mint discovers that every one of the flowers of the rainbow garden room blue (the color of sadness), she knows her job will no be straightforward one. Now, with the assist of her newfound person friends Nut and also Plum, she winged sidekick Waffle and also her wonder Aunt Herb, Mint must help others realize their dreams with items from her Happy Shop!

TagsMagical GirlFamily FriendlyHenshin HeroesMagicSasami: wonder Girls society 2TV (13 eps)AIC Spirits2006 - 2007

Life is never easy because that a miracle girl, specifically when her parents won’t allow you exercise your spells or also fly on your broomstick! once Sasami and her friends are invited ago to the Magic world for summer camp, the cook sorceress provides an enchantment to bring the girls throughout without the understanding of your teacher Washu; and during your trip, seed of doubt threaten to rest up the girls" friendship for good. Now, the Magical girl Club must pull together to ultimately master your powers and also conquer the mysterious challenges ahead that them!

TagsMagical GirlFamily FriendlyHenshin HeroesMagicMinky Momo: The leg Over DreamsOVA (1 ep)Studio Junio1993

Momo is a young girl that finds herself on a bridge, wait for someone; she doesn"t understand who she is wait for, however she wake up to encounter a young her age there. He is likewise waiting for someone however unfortunately, does no remember she face. Momo and also the young then spend their afternoon waiting for their special someone. Lock soon find out that the bridge holds a legend: "Two people that meet on this bridge will certainly surely satisfy again, becoming best friends or lovers..." because Momo and also the boy have actually been wait a long time now for your unknown partners, the boy is skeptical of this legend; Momo then announces the she will certainly make the legend come true, she assures him the they will meet again, and also they part ways. Will the legend come true?

TagsFantasyMagical GirlHenshin HeroesMagicDay break Illusion: il single penetra le illusioni SpecialDVD one-of-a-kind (1 ep)AIC2013


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