pit bull lover: exactly how much deserve to I sell purebred Pit bull puppies for through no papers?I don"t have files on my 2 purebred Pit bulls. They had puppies, exactly how much have to I sell them for?

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Answer by LizaI think that it"s all in how you treat her dog, any kind of breed or mixed breed. I have actually been elevating gottie Pitts because that a if now, she has had actually 4 litters. I have actually the mom and also dad and also now 2 puppies native this litter in December 19-2017. I have people wanting the remainders. I market them without documents wormed and also shots for $300.00. Ns know about this breed. Castle are an excellent dogs. An extremely smart. Loving. Choose I said....it"s all around how you raise them.

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Answer by ninjaaa!How execute you recognize they are purebred if friend don"t have files for them? her breeder said you? If your breeder speak you the your dog is purebred without reflecting you his or she pedigree and also the registration papers of her dog"s parents, the breeder is one irresponsible breeder. Likewise, if you sell these pups as purebred dogs when you don"t have papers on your parents or a pedigree, you are an irresponsible breeder.

Basically: If they don"t have actually papers, you can"t prove that they are purebred. If friend can"t prove they are purebred, you have to sell them together mutts. Not more than $ 100 per pup.If you were irresponsible enough to carry these pups into the world, then at the very least start being responsible now.

Each puppy sold have to be sold as a combined breed dog and also not a purebred. If you can gain hold of one AKC registration kind and a correct, signed pedigree for each pup, you deserve to sell them together purebreds. A health and wellness record of immunization and parasite control, as well as a feeding regimen, need to be written out and likewise verbally explained to every buyer.

Answer by AngelSounds like someone spent their life dreading pure Breeds and is fear to lose money to someone who just loves their unpapered dogs. Sell the pups for everything u deserve to sell them for as lengthy as the a great Home and also responsible future owner. If u don’t desire to pay that much for his pups then don’t buy em. Cute pups btw.

Answer by AnonymousI love how human being reach out for aid and therefore many human being like to put them down. Castle just had a inquiry don"t it is in harsh. Puppies room adorable and also if a human is ready to pay more then 100 because that it method they will take treatment of it. Ns would never sell a puppy or buy for much less than 250. Even if it is they space papered or not. Let"s protect against being crude to every other and also let"s begin encouraging to be an excellent owner s. Girlfriend don"t have actually to obtain your dog solved if you have the right to watch castle that"s true. If you have actually no control and keep having pups then perhaps think about it.. And for the pits in shelters. That"s the owner"s fault, no the dog. They room not mean. Or have problems with children that"s a lie. Ns resured a 3-year masculine brindle pit mix. He to be perfect and also loving to my children. Remember people lets make this a much better place .?

Answer by lilpitbullLovernot everyone has actually the money for records or favor what happened to mine pit throughout birth they die so how would you get files on a pit showing complete breed if they room dead…. ? oh wait girlfriend can"t so stop being ignorant about it. Mine was a Tennessee red sleep pit, for all those who do not know what the is, that is a pit the is not commonly bred, and also when they space they are tough to come by.

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You have the right to sell them for more than $150 a pup if the human is willing to buy them and also these "pit bulls" that the shelters acquire are not full breeds they space mixed and also have aggression difficulties or difficulties with children because of abuse or absence of treatment etc. Maybe rather of continuing to be on here all the time and saying this or that go to a vet and also get the appropriate answers.Visit other pages on our website!