If you space looking to offer a provided clarinet, you could have several questions that you need answers for:

What does the value of my old clarinet rely on?How much is a used or old clarinet worth?Which places buy and also sell provided clarinets?

In this article, we will certainly cover all of these topics and more.

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What determinants Influence the value of a supplied Clarinet?

The number one variable for the offering price of supplied clarinets will certainly be the instrument’s condition. This element can greatly impact its resale value. If that is cracked the will offer for significantly less and take much longer to sell.

On the various other hand, clarinets that space still in good condition can resell because that a substantial amount.

The people that space in perfect mechanical problem or that at least have the right to still achieve such a level v a suitable inspection and also repair can be a great source of income.

After identifying your clarinet’s condition, you can be wondering: can I suppose to make a profit once selling my used or old clarinet? those the value of a used clarinet?

Apart indigenous its overall condition, its value will likewise depend on:

the top quality of the instrumentwhich brand and also model it ishow old it is and how rarely it is in the market.

Being the clarinet one of the most famous school band instruments, over there is a constant demand for such tools in some of the most well known online marketplaces and also on music neighborhood stores.

Whether beginner players looking for their an initial instrument or an ext experienced players in search of a 2nd option tool or transitioning come a brand-new brand or model, many persons are willing to acquisition a used or old clarinet.

How much Is a used Clarinet Worth?

It will be extremely dependent top top the determinants mentioned above, yet an old or offered clarinet with tiny damage might be valued at $300, and one that is in a bad condition might be priced at no an ext than $150.

According come Reverb.com, here are some prices listed.


Used Yamaha Clarinet 

Student model: $300-$500 Intermediate: $1000Professional: $1000-$2000

Used-Yamaha YCL 20 college student model

Used Selmer Clarinet

Student Model: $300-$1000Professional: $4000-$5000
Selmer Paris B16

Used Buffet R13 Clarinet 

An tool for any kind of player level: $2000-$4000

Buffet B13 used Clarinet

Where deserve to I sell My Clarinet?

Some of the ideal places to sell or to buy a supplied clarinet space online marketplaces, music stores, and pawn shops.

We’ve covered whole article pertained to selling offered instruments, evaluating those places, and also some tips or determinants to take into consideration when act so.

The most well known online marketplaces to market a clarinet room eBay, Amazon, eBay, Amazon, or facebook Marketplace. A provided clarinet can also be marketed on more devoted online marketplaces like Reverb.com., which is geared towards musical equipment.

Do pawn shops take it clarinets? most pawn shops have strict policies as soon as it involves instruments choose clarinets however some will certainly still buy them relying on the instrument’s condition and popularity in your location. If girlfriend are selling your offered clarinet there, they will certainly likely offer you the lowest possible price.

Are Old Clarinets precious Anything?

Older clarinets can sometimes also be worth much more than more recent ones since they could have some history behind them. However, there are factors that you should take into consideration when make the efforts to recognize the worth of her old clarinet.

For example, an older instrument with reduced quality will not be as valuable as one the is in great condition and from a popular brand and also model. As well, a newer used clarinet will certainly be of much less value 보다 the same clarinet brand new.

How lot Does It price to repair a Clarinet?

Repairing your offered clarinet might mean increasing its industry value instantly.

Generally, the will expense you almost everywhere from $25 to $100 for repairing them, depending on the condition and also what maintenance works have to be done.

Try always to take it to an experienced in repairing clarinets, together this can be the difference in between having a an excellent recovered and valued instrument or one that won’t market for as much as it would certainly be possible.

They should likewise give you an exact estimate of how much it could be worth if you are willing to market it, as well as if it can gain repaired in full or not.

As well, it’s necessary to keep in mind that aftrer every time the clarinet is played it needs to it is in swabbed out with a swab, which deserve to be purchased virtual or at any kind of music store. This will help to store the clarinet in great condition and keep water indigenous affecting it.

How lengthy Does It take to Repair a Clarinet?

This have the right to depend top top the form of damage, but a typical repair will take roughly 2 hours.


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