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What is your opinion on 14 year olds gaining their belly switch pierced (pregnant, girl)
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I wouldn"t provide either, yet after she"s 18 it"s up to her. I"ll supply her to adulthood in pretty much the same shape she come in - no tattoos, no extra holes, etc., and hopefully well-prepared to make good choices indigenous there. Others room certainly complimentary to do other selections for your children.
I can think of much worse points for a 14-year old come want. Lot worse.
Belly switch piercing appears pretty tame contrasted to what is going with my head appropriate now.
I had my belly switch pierced once I remained in my at an early stage 20"s. It brought a lot of an unfavorable and unwanted male attention, and also I ultimately removed it. For that reason alone, I would not let mine 14 year old get one. Many 14 year old girl are currently gullible and craving attention, that"s the last thing that require is something to attract poor attention.But if who else decided to allow their 14 year old to acquire one, that"s ~ above them. I had a girlfriend who allowed her teenage daughter to acquire a tattoo. Would certainly I permit mine? HELL no. Yet to every his own.
It deserve to be hidden, it can be undone, so go ahead. I myself execute not reap pain enought to have holes spoked in me. Ns did yet at 16 have actually my ears pierced.
A good friend of mine"s 14 year old sister is acquiring her belly button pierced following weekend. She even wrote top top her on facebook "can"t wait to get my belly button pierced". I"m surprised her mom is even letting her carry out this since she always seemed to be really conservative and also strict v her children. Personally, ns think she is much too young to be obtaining something prefer this done. Ns don"t have children yet however if my 14 year old daughter inquiry me if she might get she belly switch pierced, ns would flat out phone call her the she would need to wait until she"s 18. I also feel choose her mom is gift irresponsible because that permitting her 14 year old to get her belly pierced.

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MY daughter wouldn"t be acquiring her belly button pierced; yet then I have actually a very good relationship v my dd and lead by example, so she has actually absolutely no interest in piercings, tattoos, etc.

I think 14 is a little bit young. Once I was around 18, I want my belly button pierced, together with a tattoo in the surrounding area. Yes, it to be a "look at my abs, I"m totally hot" kinda thing. Cuz let"s confront it, you"re not gaining your navel pierced just for yourself. Mine parents stated if I wanted it, I had actually to pay because that it. That was much more than i was ready to pay. Now, in ~ 35, I"m really glad i never obtained it done.I just think the at 14, you"re no thinking about the future or about why friend really desire it, other than "it watch cute" and also "other people have one." Personally, I"d wait until 17 or 18 to see if she still wanted it and was willing to pay for it. On the to add side, also at 14, it"s not permanent, prefer a tattoo.So no, ns personally wouldn"t let mine 14 year old execute it, however I"m not all "up in arms" if an additional parent enabled their son to.