We obtain it. Wi-Fi is claimed to be easy but sometimes it have the right to feel pretty complicated. Making it work involves a most tech speak— SSIDs, WLANs, routers, different passwords—it have the right to feel you’re being asked to understand foreign language.

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There’s no factor to obtain frustrated though—we’re going to go over some common questions and also give you answers to obtain you up and also running in no time.

My an equipment is questioning for mine network SSID—what is it?

SSID represents Service set Identifier. In real English this way the distinctive wireless network name assigned to her router. Sure, the name is a confusing of 32 characters, yet that’s because that a great reason—because there room so numerous wireless networks out there, the SSID helps make certain data gets sent to the right place.

Where is mine SSID?

As you collection up new devices on your residence network, you may be inquiry to carry out the SSID number. How have the right to you discover it? There room two locations you can you deserve to look:

On her device: Look at the sticker on your wireless modem.


Wi-Fi technology tip: friend can, and also probably should, readjust your wireless network surname from the default SSID to something you’ll remember (see indict below). Why have to you? because that security. The factory-given SSID name can give a clever thef hints around the brand of your hardware she using, thus possibly help him/her sneak in.

Where is mine default wireless password?

Once you have actually your network name/SSID, you’ll also need your network’s password. Every device has a default password, for this reason if friend haven’t changed it, look in ~ the bottom of your modem/router—it’s more than likely there. If the not, also take a emergence at the instructions the came with your device.

Important note: your password, relying on what device you’re connecting to your network, can be described as the Wi-Fi protection Key, a WEP or WPA an essential (like in the picture above), or a WPA/WPA2 Passphrase. This are just other names for the password on your modem or router.

Still no luck? Well, this is whereby you could have to call in the experts (you can reach TDS support by call 1-888-225-5837), one more option, if you’re emotion comfortable/brave, is to pretend to it is in an expert and also use part advice on resetting her password using some advice from how To Geek.

Important note: transforming your default password is additionally a an excellent idea for protection reasons (see indict below). Again, don’t use bad passwords (i.e. No “12345”) and an altering it generally is a great idea.

How have the right to I change my wireless network name or password?

Hold it—before you adjust it, consider what surname you’re going to choose. A clever or totally name for her network might be tempting, do follow some ideal practices. Don’t usage personally systematic dates (you nothing necessarily want to re-superstructure those v everyone for security reasons), or numbers (we’re looking in ~ you, human with your phone number as their Wi-Fi network name), and also don’t surname it something for this reason awesome the tempting to hack (yeah, boring wins in this case).

Here’s how to change your wireless network name (SSID) and passphrase on an Actiontec 784 (one of our most typically used devices), assuming girlfriend have already connected your computer to the Actiontec, either through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly:

1. Open your web internet browser (Examples: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox). In the resolve bar, type in

2. This will lug you come the modem’s setup page. On this page, click the “Wireless Setup” button.

3. ~ above the wireless simple page, friend can adjust the default setups to other that’s easier to remember.

In the “SSID Name” box, form in what surname you’d favor to usage for your wireless network. This is what girlfriend will watch in the perform of obtainable wireless networks.For the “Security vital Type” setting, click the radio button next to “Use practice Key/Passphrase.” Then type what you want to usage as your password in the box below. This will certainly be your wireless password. In order for anyone to it is in able to affix to her wireless network, they will must use this password. Your password has to be at least eight characters long. The is case-sensitive, so if you use any type of capital letters when developing your password, friend will must use them as soon as connecting too.

Note: Please, don’t use “password” or “123456” as your password! (In fact, if it shows up on this list, don’t usage it!). Perform your finest to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. One easy method to do it is to do a play on a random word so fairly than “Pineapple” carry out P1ne
apple. The key is to pick a arbitrarily word, no one civilization would guess and shot different combine of.

After you have adjusted your settings, click the “Apply” button.

4. Girlfriend will watch a confirmation display screen after clicking apply. You can now departure your browser.Note: if friend made these alters from a wireless device, girlfriend will an alert that you space no longer connected to the Internet. This is due to the fact that you have just readjusted your wireless network settings—the network you were linked to doesn’t exist anymore! at this point, you will need to reconnect to the wireless network, making use of your new, personalized settings.

Need much more help? we offer advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting as part of ours Remote computer Support service. You deserve to sign up because that one-time help, or you can have ours techs accessible to you all year long with a monthly subscription. Note: They’ll no only aid you through Wi-Fi, they’ll additionally optimize your PC, aid you with maker set up (even printers!), plus clear your an equipment of pop-ups and viruses.

Other terms you can run across, explained:

LAN: regional Area Network. A computer network the exists in a characterized area, such together room, a building, or perhaps a team of buildings.

Modem: A modem is the device that connects you come the Internet. That plugs right into the facilities where friend live—coaxial cable, copper wire, fiber, or satellite—and connect you, v our network, come the higher Internet.

Router: A router is a machine that connect to her modem to “share” the net with the Wi-Fi permitted devices on your home. Due to the fact that the router sits in between your devices and the Internet, it additionally acts together an extra class of security.

WEP: Wired identical Privacy. That a security standard for Wi-Fi, however although that widely supplied it’s the the very least secure the the bunch. Look because that WPA or WPA2 instead.

Wireless modem: Here’s where it gets a bit tricky: if her modem is a wireless modem, the acting as both a modem and a router. A single an equipment is connecting you to the Internet and sharing it.

WLAN: Wireless neighborhood area network. Once you set up Wi-Fi in your residence that’s what she doing. Creating your an extremely own mini WLAN.

WPA: Wi-Fi defended Access. The a protection standard because that encrypting data over Wi-Fi that boosts safety. You’ll likewise see WPA2 – that the exact same idea, yet a newer standard.

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WPA crucial or protection Key: This is the password to connect your wireless network. It’s additionally called a Wi-Fi defense Key, a WEP Key, or a WPA/WPA2 Passphrase. This is another name for the password on her modem or router.