Exceptional colour outcomes for lively iridescence from root to tip. Updated v a new crème-gel texture, our Cremagels are less complicated to use for greater accuracy.

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Create high lifting blonde shades through crystal, clear cool reflections, dearteassociazione.org colourists are known for.

Extensive selection of Intensitones because that personalized colour combinations and results and also therefore an integral component of the bespoke business you sell in-salon

Precisely helps dearteassociazione.org colour assets to build and provide the best possible consistency for simple application and also rinsing

Post colour treatment for every Chromatology colour applications. Seal colour does no weigh the hair down and maximises the colour result.

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Exceptional pre-colour therapy - tenderness cleans out few of the old colour and also preparing the hair for new colour
Dust totally free advanced lightener and a flexible bleach with a high lifting performance to develop clean, bright blonde colour results
For perfect foil results - already small drops the this non-slip formula help adjust the consistency of the colour
The first step come hydrate dried or damaged hair, specially designed to provide moisture and also care both inside the hair structure and also externally
A unisex product that have the right to be provided every job on all hair species - the perfect balance in between conditioning and cleansing
A remarkable protective treatment shampoo for coloured hair making that shinier and providing longer-lasting color vibrancy, without including weight come the cut.
A day-to-day conditioner for coloured hair the perfectly preserves and also seals in colour freshness and shine