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Haven"t tried the yet, yet Craig Jasper told united state in a current IICRC class that you deserve to use crayons to shade the carpet in.. Then usage an stole to remove the wax and also leave the dye. Simply bought part to try it myself, I will let you know just how it goes...

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Here is a connect from another part of the plank (repairs) mirroring the use of markers because that repair. This may be of interest to you from her question. Walk to the end of the post to watch this in use.http://www.dearteassociazione.org/car...nd-hard-surfaces/14676-carpet-dye-sticks.htmlSAA

Ed York to be the first to promote carpet dye sticks practically 40 year ago. I have his two page Technical Bulletin he sent out. Essentially they are crayons. No factor you can"t usage crayons.They are the only means to add color come olefin and some prefer them because that dyeing nylon as well. In addition to Craig Jasper, terry Brevik and Tony Wheelwright space two current era cleaners who have used this method successfully and taught it. The an approach has been polished somewhat also to utilizing white and also black crayons to tone or color a basic color.I go a few jobs v dye sticks. Being somewhat color blind, I never ever got good at it.

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Carpet dye sticks/Ed York??,,, now that"s a name ns haven"t heard in a while,, i think i met Ed York in ~ Cobb supply in Dallas, well i haven"t seen him in around 30 years. A really nice guy, i think he and my brother James were friends. My brother David quiet buys native Cobb supply what we referred to as "Cobb Spotter" It come in a 5 gallon square plastic container and smelled favor ammonia. Currently that stuff constantly works ~ above the spots that other traffic sprays didn"t. I think they offer it together an upholstery spotter. I certain don"t mental Ed York having carpet dye sticks. In 1982 ns did find some form out the a company in Florida that had a solvent to dissolve castle on the carpet.Carpet dye sticks are nothing like regular crayons, they space technically an "industrial crayon". Carpet dye pole will soon be available again in an commercial size because that the carpet clean industry. (30 larger dye rod 27 colors) I an initial invented the dye sticks to aid me train my carpet dye Techs together it is for this reason much much easier than using a fluid dye. I offered them as an additional option v my fluid dyes and also my Airbrush clues dye kit. About 50% of every my clues dyes to be done with the dye sticks, different cases call for different methods.They work good for carpet bleach stains, sun bleached carpet, bleach dye, and also even no to poor for carpet stains that are darker 보다 the carpet color.